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With HR matters becoming a priority to enable better management of hybrid and remote staff, its crucial for HR heads to learn how best they can adapt policies, processes and HR Tech the right way, now more than ever:

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The employee experience has now become a massive opportunity to redesign how we think about work and collaboration. From onboarding to performance management, there will be an emphasis for programs, processes and platforms that will engage, support and develop employees. Working remotely from anywhere is here to stay. –Ryan Gormley, Head of People & Culture at Nylas

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Even before the pandemic, companies’ teams were becoming increasingly remote. With this shift, there are a few major changes that HR teams need to make, but the biggest in my mind is a focus on mental health and wellness. HR teams need to establish new tools that care for their employees from afar, while simultaneously adjusting for differences in culture and cultural responses to crisis. –Brandy Rosner, Vice President of People Operations at TaskUs



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