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EMQ Introduces Expanded Programs to Increase Behavioral Well-being and Improve Interpersonal Dynamics

Employees, Leaders and HR Departments Now Have Access to Programs that Focus Energy and Boost Productivity, Backed by Proven Science and Research

EMQ, a leader in empowering individuals and companies to focus energy and overcome blockers to live happier and more productive lives, today introduced an expanded set of programs designed to increase behavioral well-being and improve interpersonal dynamics within teams.

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For the past three years, EMQ (Energy Management Quotient) has successfully served companies of all sizes, as well as individuals, with purposeful goals in mind: to help people harness their personal energy to improve daily work and life harmony, boost happiness, improve productivity and better manage stress. EMQ uniquely leverages hundreds of global science-based data sources—backed by research across fields including neuroscience, psychology, cognitive and behavioral science—to produce programs that change how people perceive mental, emotional, physical and behavioral wellness.

The core of EMQ’s programs is a focus on identifying mental and behavioral blockers—a set of impediments that must be overcome to unleash the full potential of individuals and teams to thrive in their daily lives. An individual’s unique 3-6 blockers are identified through an easy evaluation using EMQ’s proprietary assessment tool and algorithm approach assessing individuals across 74 attributes and 1,200+ indicators. Once identified, these blockers are systematically removed through a series of techniques and learned behaviors, unique to each individual, that train the mind to build situational awareness, and refocus energy more positively and productively. Sustained change can easily and effectively be achieved by participants in approximately thirty days, with a minimal time commitment of one to two hours per week.

“2020 was a year no one could have predicted. The widespread impact of COVID-19 on behavioral health inspired our team to accelerate our efforts to bring our new approach to market faster, automatically identifying an individual’s unique set of blockers and tailoring programs to help them overcome these barriers to wellness,” said Sarah Deane, Founder of EMQ.  “As we head into 2021 with renewed hope and purpose, it is important to remember that we can choose how we focus our energy, and there are proven tools and techniques available to harness our energy and improve our own emotional well-being.”

“It’s easy to identify the employees who have participated in an EMQ session; they are able to better manage their emotions in stressful situations, and retain a positive mental attitude through tumultuous times,” said Brittany Valdez, HR Community Engagement Manager, South Region, Microsoft. “The level of self-awareness that the program brings to individuals forever changes their outlook for the better. It’s a true game changer in enlightening your perspective and boosting productivity.”

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EMQ’s customizable programs can be included as part of a broader professional development plan for companies, HR business partners and individuals. New EMQ Programs include:

Energy Boosters
This quick, interactive virtual session is designed for teams and colleagues to heighten awareness and harness the collective power of their energy to increase emotional well-being and productivity, using proven techniques to help employees with three critical areas: heighten energy awareness, focus on positive mental well-being, and create a new proactive mindset to overcome obstacles. Learn more about EMQ Energy Boosters.

Quick-Start Program
EMQ’s 30-day, self-guided program offers a complete roadmap to participants to help achieve maximum results, beginning with an initial evaluation and assessment using the company’s proprietary questionnaire and algorithm. It features a weekly progression of content, exercises and reflection to condition the mind, as well as raise awareness of productive and destructive patterns, and embrace new daily habits and behaviors. This program is designed for individuals, groups, teams, and entire organizations.

These programs join EMQ’s roster of successful Energy Management programs that combine the company’s proprietary evaluation and assessment algorithm with personalized coaching — either at the outset or throughout a 30-day duration—to ensure participants understand the sources in their lives that are depleting them and identify ways to refocus on energy boosting activities, with a series of personalized exercises that work through blockers and hone techniques to harness positive energy and increase productivity.

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