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Employee Survey Software: Exploring a Few of the Best

Understanding employee engagement best practices can be complicated for some companies, especially young tech startups and teams with younger founders and business leaders.

Proper employee engagement practices help employees feel valued in the company. Some of the more established global companies usually undertake employee engagement surveys to track the employee’s dedication to their work, and to better understand how well aligned they are to the company’s goals and missions. The more your employees are engaged, the more productive they can potentially be. When they are happy to work, the same will reflect in the form of results, achievements and business success.

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Here we present a few top employee survey software that you should be looking at in the year 2021:

  1. Connecteam

We start with this all-inclusive employee engagement app, which helps in streamlining the internal communication process and boosts employee engagement. The app helps in analyzing the team’s feedback, reviews insights and improves the business process in real-time. A few good things that Connecteam allows you to do are – making decisions based on organizational surveys, launching an interactive suggestion box for the team’s feedback, encourage employee feedbacks through emojis, Gifs and so on.

  1. SurveyMonkey

The next in our list in SurveyMonkey, which is also perfect for customer and supplier feedback. The organizations that use this software are academic institutions, corporations, government agencies and many more. The best part about SurveyMonkey is that, you can create customized tools according to your organization. The tool works well for customers, suppliers and employees alike.

  1. Monday.com

If you are looking for a software, which creates quick surveys, represent the answers in an interactive form, Monday is the perfect pick. Monday.com also allows for a customized question library and survey URL as well. Once the surveys are filled, screenshots can be taken to recap everything. There are further advanced features, which are available in the premium version of the tool.

  1. Peakon

With a user rating of 4.9/5, Peakon is one of the most liked and preferable survey software for your team of employees. Peakon offers a great platform to convert the employee feedback into actionable insights. Off late, Peakon has become a full-fledged SaaS for employee retention. The three critical areas targeted by Peakon are – preventing employee problems with real-time insights, employee engagement and competitor analysis through benchmarking the employee engagement data.

  1. TINY Pulse

One of the best cloud based employee engagement and feedback software is here – TINY pulse. One good thing about TINY Pulse is that it offers real-time feedback from employees by taking an effective employee survey. TINY Pulse is capable of offering insights to the management about everything that employees think about the role and organization. The main features of this software are – dashboard, benchmarking, pulse surveys, and data analysis.

  1. Glint

Glint has the ability to gather powerful data in a short period of time. Glint has some standard questionnaires that comprise of employee engagement drivers. It also has the feature to add your own personal questionnaire. Any kind of organization can measure employee pulse with the help of Glint. Glint further offers interactive dashboards displaying a comprehensive breakdown of the organization’s health, pointing to areas that need attention allowing users to understand the data for better decision making.

  1. Qualtrics

With some fantastic features like benchmarking, negative feedback management, question library, reporting analysis and 360 degree feedback, Qualtrics can improve employee engagement across the organization. The software will also help to see the management’s actions and impact employee productivity. The managers can easily read the data and conduct action planning. Qualtrics will also reduce unwanted and costly attrition along with real-time data to address the problems.

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