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How can employees and employers work more closely together to create better workplace experiences that also help boost overall team productivity and outcomes?

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The most obvious change we see during the pandemic is the shift to digital learning and away from face-to-face workshops. This happened practically overnight. Many of our clients were skeptical that online learning could be as effective as the traditional classroom sessions they’d been used to.But the experience made all us in learning re-evaluate and reimagine the role that learning plays. And I think what is coming out of that is a sense of how digital learning can be used to connect and support colleagues, as well as ‘deliver’ content to them.  –Andrew Perkins, Global Director, Kaplan Performance Academy

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TecHRSeries Interview with Mike Hicks, CMO at Beezy
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Every employee, team, department and organization have their own way of working and while there are best practices that have been established for communication and collaboration, it’s not an overnight change to say we now operate a different way. We need to understand the tools that are being used currently and why. We need to be aware of data and knowledge silos so a plan can be put in place to address them. A decision needs to be made about what technology and tools we are going to retire as part of our new digital workplace implementation.-Mike Hicks, CMO at Beezy

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