Top Asian HR Tech Platforms That Have Changed The Game For HR In The Asia Pacific Region

Human Resources – no organization can make it without a streamlined HR running through its veins.

As work from home becomes a norm, collaboration among remote employees has been possible only through technology and digitization. This paved the way for HR leaders to juggle more with the HR tools available at hand.

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The arena of HR tech and work tech space in APAC made billions last year, raising billions of dollars in the region. HR Tech already took off a few years back, but the pandemic year made these start-ups more worthwhile. Have a look at the top HR Tech Platforms that have not only raised millions of dollars but have changed the game of HR in the APAC marketplace.

1. Mednefits

Mednefits is an employee benefits software, predominantly working in Malaysia, raised $5.95 Mn Funding in the series A round led  by the digital engagement platform B Infinite. Besides this capital infusion, B Infinite will be working on the start-up to automate and enhance the medical benefits for its clients across the whole of Malaysia and Singapore.

2. Health Metrics

Another Malaysia based healthcare benefits HR tech software secured US $ 5 million in series A funding. Led by the Japanese based investment group called ACA investments, which has healthcare as the major focus of its investments regimen. The announcement has indicated that the HR tech software will utilize the funding to extend its wings across Southeast Asia and come up with more innovative healthcare models like telemedicine, preventive programs and digital wellness.

3. Engage Rocket

Engage Rocket is a popular Asian employee engagement and performance software company, which has announced $3 Mn investment to enhance and strengthen its presence in Southeast Asia. This transaction was completed by Qualgro, a regional venture capital firm based in Singapore. The other existing investors are SeedPlus, Found, JobsCentral and the total funding raised by the HR Tech start-up was $4.5 Mn.

4. TigerHall

Based in Singapore, TigerHall is a success enablement software and it helps professionals achieve their career goals by helping them learn from the most successful people in business. It offers real insights from the brightest minds in the industry. TigerHall has raised a funding of $2 Mn under Sequoia Capital India’s rapid scale-up program. Other investors who were a part of this round was XA network, Taurus Ventures and angel investors.

5. Pulsify

In the first angel funding round, Pulsify has raised US $ 1.8 Mn, bringing its total funding to $ 4 Mn. Pulsify is an HR AI based tech start-up, which won the HR Tech PitchFest in October 2020. Pulsify helps you set goals, run review cycles, do 360 degree feedback, launch employee survey and much more. The leading companies that trust Pulsify’s people management software are Applecart, Squadle, Mintz, Paceline and many more.

6. Qualee

One of best employee onboarding software making its mark in the Asia Pacific region; finding the right talent can be a pain, but Qualee turns it into an extra ordinary experience. Qualee is popular because it offers customizable on-boarding and engagement solutions for various companies. Last year this recruitment software could raise US $1 Mn from the Tandem Technology Partners. The company is going to utilize the money in increasing its product efficiency, marketing, consulting and support.

7. Talkpush

Belonging to the Asia Pacific region, Talkpush makes your recruitment start with a conversation. The repetitive administrative CRM recruitment is accomplished by the software letting you focus on the right talent. Talkpush is a leading CRM recruitment platform of the region and it successfully secured its funding from Latin Leap in April. It is a Hong-Kong based HR start-up working with a goal to empower the candidates by making them heard and have direct conversations with the recruiters through a smart HR Tech platform.

8. Freecacy

A Japanese recruitment firm Persol Asia Pacific Ltd. is said to have backed the HR Tech start-up Freecacy and although the financial details remain hidden, there seems to have a strategic partnership between the two. Freecacy is aimed to offer some amazing solutions and aims to replace AI in recruitment by leveraging AI that has learned a mix of candidate’s behavior history, agent selection criteria and resume information.

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The best of the organizations need innovative HR tech start-ups powered by artificial intelligence, comprehensive and easy to install software along with intuitive application. We have rounded up HR tech platforms that are best for small, medium and even large sized business enterprises. These HR tech start-ups have truly transformed the HR landscape of the Asia Pacific region.