Employee Experience Platforms: Are They Beneficial For You?

Employee experience platforms refer to a software platform that allows different companies and organizations to improve the way the people of the company are made to work or feel through their everyday work experiences. These platforms only change the way the system looks without changing how the system functions or performs. These platforms are used to improve the experience that employees have while in their workspace.

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There are many kinds of employee experience and management platforms. Company and organization heads are now looking for ways to improve the working experience of all their employees. One way that this can be done is by incorporating employee experience platforms and software into their database. Some good examples of employee experience platforms include:

1. IBM Watson Career Coach

IBM Watson Career Coach is a platform and virtual assistant software that aligns the goals of the company and the goals of the business with the career goals of the employee. This platform allows businesses to reduce the cost of hiring, improve employee engagement and nurture the existing skills of the employees of the company.

2. Staffbase

Staffbase has developed software to provide employee apps as well as intranet in order to give one of the best employee experiences. They provide apps exclusively built to cater to the needs of internal communications, employees, and employee experiences.

3. Perkbox

Perkbox is another employee experience platform that offers all kinds of features and services to business or company owners. This platform encourages businesses and companies to invest in software to improve employee experience in order to create a motivated team. Perkbox helps to engage employees and make them more productive, attract and engage with talent and all kinds of perks and benefits.

4. Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway is an employee management platform to attract, retain and engage with employees. It offers all kinds of services like employee benefits, discounts or perks, reward and recognition products, employee well-being solutions, etc.

5. Oracle

Oracle is a career or employee management platform that allows companies, businesses, etc., to manage talent, goals, and performances. It also allows employees to give performance reviews and develop careers and successions. This platform enables employees to constantly learn and stay engaged.

6. Fond

Fond is another employee management platform that consolidates the rewards and recognition process into one single platform. This platform enables employees as well as their employers to redeem rewards, access exclusive corporate discounts, and measure success.

How are these platforms enabling companies with better employee experiences?

The use of employee experience platforms or employee management platforms has improved the working environment for employees in many ways. The features or services that the platforms provide ensure that employees stay engaged and interested in their work. It reduces the risk of losing employees and enhances the working experience of every employee. The use of a singular platform that provides multiple tools also helps to improve the employee experience. This is both cost-effective as well as more convenient for all the employees. The use of these platforms also better employee experience thanks to the many kinds of benefits they provide.

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Benefits of employee experience platforms

There are many benefits that businesses, companies, organizations, etc., can gain from using an employee experience platform. Some of these benefits include:

1. The use of a single platform removes the need for multiple HR systems that will provide the same tools.

2. Companies, businesses, and organisations can create a unified experience that can be transferred to more than one system.

3. Employees can handle tasks more efficiently and effectively.

4. These platforms encourage and increase employee engagement. This improves productivity in the workplace.

5. The workflow can be simplified and uniquely designed to the needs of the employees.

6. HR and IT departments will have more time to work on more pressing matters.

7. Some of these platforms can also be used in the form of a mobile app. This allows employees to finish or complete small tasks on their phones.

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The use of an employee experience platform in any workspace will make the working environment for all employees and employers better. The large number of benefits that these platforms offer ensures that the companies, businesses, or organizations improve workflow. Many employers or heads of departments are looking to incorporating these platforms into their database in order to ensure that their employees have the best working experience available.