HR Technology Highlights –> A TecHRseries Round-Up For 18-January-2021: Featuring iCIMS, RingCentral, BrightHR, HireVue and more!

There is a growing demand for app-based systems that allow employees to juggle various work demands while working remote, while HR Tech innovators focus on building HR tools that allow seamless interoperability and connectivity between systems and devices especially when it comes to accessing important HR information, the HR Tech market will witnesses a spurt of new innovations through 2021 that boost remote work and hybrid work capabilities.

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Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a great way to build relationships across the organization. And the more positive relationships you have at an organization the higher the level of engagement. ERGs connect employees and serve as a resource to develop a diverse and inclusive work environment.  Led by employees for employees, ERG membership has grown by more than 55% and held nearly 60 events since 2019. –Kathleen Vegh, Associate VP, Global Employee Experience at Hyland

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TecHRseries Interview with Josh Brenner, CEO at Vettery
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Digitization is empowering employers to increase transparency across the hiring process and recruit the best candidates by automating time-consuming tasks and making the hiring process more efficient, accurate, and rewarding. One major trend is that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more companies and employees are open to permanent remote work positions. HR departments have increased their reliance on digital hiring tools to bypass recruitment barriers in saturated markets and surface top-notch candidates regardless of their geographical locations. –Josh Brenner, CEO at Vettery

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