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Using Predictive Intelligence to Improve Workforce Management in 2021

Predictive intelligence, used often by sales and marketing teams to enhance their customer and prospect buying experience can offer talent teams a suite of beneficial employee behavioral insights. 

Workforce management platforms that offer predictive insights on candidate and employee behaviors can be used by HR and business leaders in organizations to drive better hiring decisions and talent management practices based on employee’s past and predicted behaviors at work. 

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Here are a few ways to drive better talent management and hiring practices in 2021 with predictive intelligence:

Reducing Employee Turnover

Employee turnover can disrupt operating budgets if not kept in check. Using sophisticated HR technologies and predictive insights to understand and predict employee behaviors, especially when they will most likely leave their job or start looking for newer opportunities can protect the interests of business and HR leaders. By leveraging data-driven employee behaviors based of their own career journey, employers can easily track future talent gaps within a team, implement talent retention programs at the right time while ensuring a steady talent pipeline for roles most susceptible to high employee turnover. 

Engaging with Only Those Candidates who are not just the best-fit, but most likely to Join

AI-backed HR Technologies can help HR teams skim through hundreds of applicants to help shortlist the best-fit profiles based on pre-determined parameters and skill requirements. Predictive insights can be used to identify candidates who are most likely to engage in a conversation with the intent of taking it further.

This can open up better hiring conversations for HR teams while allowing them to focus on the right hiring pitch based on a candidate’s potential interest in the company and job. This will help HR teams build better recruitment conversion rates. 

Preparing for Contingencies

If there’s one thing 2020’s global Covid-19 pandemic taught us is that agility is not enough for team management unless there is also a fair level of contingency planning. Preparing in advance for high profile roles, ensuring that there is always a shadow employee for every task and building a suitable contingency talent pipeline is also a criticality that businesses have to address at some point. 

Without today’s HR technologies and predictive insights, it would have been impossible to identify candidates open to temporary gig opportunities or shortlist those who have had the experience of handling part-time tasks along with their full-time executive roles. 

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Using intelligence to keep a tab on candidates for contingency planning not only ensures seamless operational and business continuity, it ensures that existing team members are not disrupted negatively due to team changes in their day to day work. 

Last note: HR and adding value in real-time

With today’s range of HR Tech capabilities and predictive intelligence, HR teams can seamlessly identify future talent gaps and build stronger hiring processes that can protect the best interests and future growth of the company. Using predictive insights to recruit better talent, identify high potential team members and focus efforts on key people resources will enable a team to face market disruptions with fewer operational difficulties.