Workday Launches COVID-19 Vaccine Management Solution to Enable Organisations to Protect and Support Their Workforce

New Solution Delivers Insight and Resources to Help Foster Healthier Workforces and Safer Workplaces

 Workday, a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, today announced a vaccine management solution that provides leaders with the insights needed to help ensure the health and safety of remote and on-site workers. As the core HR system for some of the world’s largest organisations, Workday offers a unique ability to combine real-time HR data with immunisation information, providing customers with the knowledge needed to successfully navigate through the challenges of COVID-19.

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With a customer community representing more than 45 million workers, Workday is supporting global organisations as they manage their people and finances throughout the pandemic. The vaccine management solution expands on the Workday Return to Workplace offering and helps enable organisations to securely access worker immunisation insight, plan return to workplace scenarios, support worker well-being, and establish new operating models to adapt as vaccines become available. In addition, Workday offers customers configurability to control and securely manage the data and protect their employees’ privacy.

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Helping to Create a Healthier Workforce and Providing a Safer Workplace
The new Workday vaccine management solution provides global HR and business leaders with the speed, flexibility, and security to manage vaccine-related initiatives, specifically enabling customers to:

  • Gain Visibility into Overall Workforce Health and Workplace Safety
    Workday provides a single, centralised control centre to view and quickly respond to potential risks when speed is critical to keeping employees protected and workplaces safe. With the availability of new vaccine management dashboards, organisations can now proactively monitor and manage immunisation dynamics as they relate to their workforce and workplace with new insights on vaccine availability, vaccination rate, and adherence. Customers can also track immunisation status by infection type, by job profile, location, region, and worker.
  • Plan for Reopening and Recovery
    Workday enables employers to prepare for the impact worker vaccination will have on their workforce and workplace. With scenario planning, organisations can model office space demands, personal protective equipment (PPE) needs, and workforce availability. Mapping their in-person, skilled workforce with vaccine prioritisation allows employers to identify employee groups, such as frontline workers, that should most urgently receive the vaccine to help ensure a safe return for all employees.
  • Empower and Support the Workforce
    Workday provides the ability to do employee outreach and communications to inform, educate, and allow employees to securely and confidentially self-report immunisation information as part of the health attestation survey. Organisations can then automatically curate personalised and relevant information to support employees based on their immunity status. This allows employers to help educate and assist employees that have not yet been immunised, as well as to continue to support those with COVID-19.

Additionally, the Workday vaccine management solution supports specific needs in healthcare and other essential services industries to help customers streamline complex vaccine reporting and management. This includes the complexities of single and multi-dose vaccines, recalls, or even emerging requirements that can easily be tracked and reported on, enabling site planning, vaccination scheduling, and compliance.

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