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Ten Effective Candidate Sourcing Tools

The digital revolution is here to stay and change how businesses function, on this note, recruitment and sourcing are experiencing their fair share of innovations. Within a span of a decade, we can see how the traditional job search function has dramatically shifted offering a different experience powered by AI to job seekers and employers both. AI, virtual reality, video interviews, automated applicants tracking systems and so on help a great deal in sourcing the right candidates within a short span of time. It will not be wrong to say that an effective sourcing tool will help you filter the best candidates in your recruitment funnel.

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The market has become candidate driven and it is crucial to put in better efforts in sourcing the right talent. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that 83% of the companies recruit proactively with the help of sourcing tools, irrespective of whether they need new candidates or not.

It is now time to supercharge and streamline your recruitment and sourcing. To help do that, the following sourcing tools may help:

This is a recruitment software that is used by 30% of the Fortune 500 companies. Companies like Nestle, Microsoft, PWC and Bank of America use this sourcing tool to ease their recruitment processes. With Contactout, you will be able to find twice as many email addresses as LinkedIn.

When you look forward to manage and convert your hiring leads, Breamery is the right tool for you. From start to finish, the aim of this software is to make sourcing easy and seamless for recruiters. There is an extension for Chrome users and your work can be done within a matter of a few clicks with this sourcing tool.

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This is a CRM based tool that pools in social media to source, connect and engage the right talent for your company. With the help of multichannel marketing, viral behavior and fully loaded branding pages, it can create a high impact on candidate recruiting initiatives.

Slack is a comprehensive sourcing tool that will help you in streamlining hiring plans, mark the progress and make decisions keeping the entire recruitment team in the loop. Slack will help you gather all the information in one accessible place, track candidates, and communicate job openings to new candidates.

Online portals are the right places to search for candidates. However, how do you find the candidates with the right experience you need, easily? Entelo as a sourcing tool also comes with a listening function to make your task easier here.

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While you hire candidates for high-level positions, you need to assess the candidate in and out. Talentbin is a good HR software to help you here. It helps bring all the relevant information about the candidate in one place. Collating all the social data is very easy with the help of this sourcing tool.

The success of the entire recruitment process depends on the candidate you choose for your organization. Gild is a sourcing tool that focuses on finding the best technical talent through seamless candidate search. The platform depends on predictive intelligence to help employers pick the right candidates based on their requirement.

A sourcing tool that comes with an easy Chrome extension helping recruiters get more accurate information about developers. With the help of OctoHR, the search for new candidates is simplified. This software tool is even capable of finding hidden information about candidates.

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A sourcing tool that is taking networking to a different level. This is an app that connects you with experienced professionals based on the field of work, experience and interests. When recruiters use this software, they can improve their search network and even find potential candidates to fill vacancies faster.

In the year 2018, Hiretual was named the “product of the year” and was considered the best in recruitment and HR. This software is known to be a recruiter’s best friend and they are very close to becoming the best assistant for them as well! This tool is a one-of-its kind and it is a sourcing tool built by recruiters for recruiters.

Most companies today feel that they should have a more proactive hiring process and it is time to equip yourself with the latest sourcing tools to help achieve that.