June 1, 2020

Global HR Tech Start-Ups to Keep A Watch On!

With innovations in HR technology constantly entering the marketplace, one can find many start-ups that offer exclusive ideas and features. Tech teams, companies and anyone who is interested in knowing what’s brimming in HR Technology should definitely keep an eye out for new HR Tech start-ups and what they are up to!

Need for HR Tech

Human resource management is an important function. It is crucial to effectively manage the workforce, to ensure that employees are working to the best extent possible, that they are provided any necessary training, that only those who are highly qualified and capable of performing the work are hired, that there is constant and proper communication between the employees, employers, and others in the company, etc.

In order to make these functions much easier and to reduce the burden on HR reps, HR Technology has evolved in the past couple of years, which essentially automates a lot of the above processes and makes them much easier, more accurate, and less time-consuming.

A Few Global HR Tech Startups To Watch Out For

When it comes to HR Tech start-ups, there are that offer innovative ideas and services.

  • BetterUp: Through the means of web or mobile applications, BetterUp helps connect employees with “certified, executive-level coaching.” It allows workers and their mentors to connect with each other through 30-minute long video sessions and also offers other facilities such as professional development videos, readings, podcasts, analytics to keep track of the progress of employees with respect to areas like leadership effectiveness, productivity, etc.

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  • Landit: Meant, especially for women, Landit also has an online tool that helps experienced female professionals manage their careers with the help of playbooks that they can draw for themselves. What it does is provide coaches with access to develop personal strategies, create a list of specialized opportunities and fellowships, and also helps the users to highlight their achievements.
  • Simppler: Since social media is so widely used in today’s date, Simppler aims to use that to help with HR. Simppler’s talent acquisition product makes use of the significance, and the power of social media helps the employees connect with their staffs’ social networks. What this system does is help the employer with finding or spotting people in the employees’ networks that could be potential good hires.
  • TINYpulse: In order to know about the internal functioning as well as the culture of the company, feedback is quite important. TINYpulse has software that allows employees to get anonymous feedback on the above-mentioned aspects of the company. How it works is that the workers, with the help of their phones or computers, answer surveys, and the employees get to see aggregated results on a dashboard. An interesting feature is a fact that there is private messaging. This means that employers can get in touch with employees with regard to their responses but will not know who they are.
  • SyncHR: When it comes to a mid-market firm, syncHR is a great choice, since its technology is designed in a way that it helps with simplifying human capital management. Its software automates benefits as well as payroll processes. Moreover, it also helps employers keep tabs on the distribution of work.
  • Restless Bandit: For a company to function effectively, it needs to have a workforce of qualified professionals. Restless Bandit has a platform that makes use of artificial intelligence or AI to identify those who are qualified candidates. The way it works is that the algorithms put forward those job postings that are the best matches for the job openings and also helps sort through the archives resumes when newer positions are posted so that those who were previously screened can be given a chance one more time for these new positions.

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  • Shiftgig: There is a constant need a diverse workforce, and this workforce can be in the form of employees or even freelancers and part-time gig workers. Shiftgig is a digital HR company that has been able to create a tool that can help employers look for temporary help by getting information about those who do freelance work and connect with them. Moreover, their software also enables virtual interviews, background checks, quizzes, training videos, etc.
  • Zugata: Zugata has software that helps employees improve their skills with respect to their jobs by means of delivering personalized management feedback, recommendations from mentors or coaches, video training, etc.
  • Pymetrics: Another company that has developed software to help employers narrow down on talented workers is pymetrics. Its system algorithms create a cognitive as well as emotional trait profile of the top performers of the company and then allow the employer access to this data so that they can screen potential talent.
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