June 1, 2020

Top Human Capital Management (HCM) Software Tools to Consider at a Time of a Global Pandemic

What can be measured can be improved. You’ve heard that before. And, the same holds true for human resources as well. Your employees can be judged based on their performance and to measure their performance, manual inspection is not enough.

Human resources play a crucial role in any organization. In these times of a pandemic where people are working from home and teams are separated by distances, do you think you can still gauge the performance, productivity and interests of your employees over a mere video conference? The answer is No. You might have heard of plenty of HR tech tools, a range of recruiting tools, administrative tools and HCM tools. The Human Capital Management (HCM) tools overlap with other HR tools of course.

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HCM tools offers an edge to the organization over its competitors. HR managers are already juggling a lot of tasks. HCM very comfortably measures the performance of the internal employees and helps the management focus on the required tasks only. HCM has evolved in tandem with the changes in three major factors – candidate, business environment and technological leaps.

Train people so well that they can leave, but treat them well enough that they do not have to” – Sir Richard Branson.

The best HCM software shall help you not only train your employees, but treat them well in your organization. Here is a list of the top HCM software tools that you should be looking at during this global pandemic.

  1. Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle HCM Cloud is a one of its kind HCM software powered by artificial intelligence. It can recommend perfect roles for employees, suggest further learning and even predict which employees are likely to leave the organization in the near future. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Helps you focus on the ones who show more signs of staying longer!

  1. SAP Success Factors

This is a cloud based HRMS tool with its focus set on employee engagement and experiences. The software offers meaningful and personalized experiences to employees. The tool can guide employees throughout their journey and help them grow at each learning step. Performance, rewards and recognitions, talent planning, learning and development is all possible with ease with SAP success factors.

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  1. ADP Workforce Now

With ADP Workforce Now at hand, you can manage a range of human resource functions very conveniently. From employee record keeping, new hiring initiatives, employee promotions, policy acknowledgement, training and development schedules to compliance tracking, all of this can be streamlined with the help of ADP Workforce.

  1. Rippling

We can observe a unique and fruitful integration of HR and IT with Rippling. With a very easy user interface, it helps you manage your payroll, employee benefits, the devices connected, other business apps and more. While remote work is the norm, this is a good software to consider.

  1. Zenefits

With Zenefits, you can manage your workforce pretty easily. From scheduling interviews, onboarding the client, PTO tracking, training and development along with regular performance reviews, Zenefits does it all and much more. Zenefits can easily be integrated with other software tools, your payroll system, insurance and other HR systems in use within the organization.

  1. Kronos Workforce Ready

An organization’s ultimate aim is to increase the overall business productivity, minimize costs and issues related to everyday and standard compliances. These goals can be achieved when people are managed at the optimum level and Kronos Workforce Ready is a proven cloud-based system built to achieve all of this.

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  1. UltiPro

UltiPro is ideally an effective payroll tool, but it also helps in simplifying other HR processes. Along with handling payroll functions seamlessly, UltiPro boosts employee engagement levels and the productivity indices across global workforces. This is what you need most during this time, don’t you?

  1. Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is one of the more popular HCM software tools and it garners and organizes information seamlessly throughout the entire lifecycle of an employee. This data is very helpful for the organization as well as the employees to help achieve greater goals.

  1. Workday

Workday is an all in one software tool offering HCM, financial management and HR analytics all under one roof. You install and implement Workday once in your organization and this one tool takes care of everything from finance to HR to other daily operations.

  1. Dayforce

When you are looking forward to transform your employees’ experiences in the organization, you should have this software handy by your side. It unifies the entire employee data to retrieve some amazing insights and helps in better decision making.

The marketplace today is saturated with several kinds of HCM software tools. We compiled a list of the most comprehensive and widely used HCM software, often in use by industry giants across the globe. Today, more than 50% of the usual business functions is carried out with the help of technology and this automation has transformed the HR process for most organizations as well.

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