Accelerating and Improving Talent Retention Efforts with Data Driven Solutions and Insights

Hiring an employee is easy, retaining one can be difficult. But doesn’t have to be!

The best of the HR practices known to leaders can fail miserably when it comes to dealing with talent or employee attrition. Even the behemoths in the market, who offer good perks and pay scales face the problem of talent attrition. There have been plenty of discussions and debates on how an HR manager can ensure an employee is happy in the company and offer him the environment that binds him to the organization for a longer duration.

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It is difficult to judge and measure everything manually. That’s why tools that help HR managers accelerate and improve their talent retention metrics should be considered. These tools help the company measure and avoid talent attrition in the following ways:

  1. Keeping a check on the employee life cycle from the day of recruitment
  2. Identifying the candidates who have long term goals
  3. Offer education and learning opportunities
  4. Adding the right benefits based on their performance
  5. Be transparent and fair


MBTI is an abbreviation for Myers Brigg Type Indicator, which is based on the theory of personality type theory of Myers Brigg. This indicator helps the organizations to observe and understand various personality types and offers them solutions to the problems based on their preferences. Thus, the indicator keeps a check on the employee satisfaction level. If there is a mismatch, the management can take steps to reduce the friction.


Revelian was devised to let the organizations know everything that is hidden beneath the superficial surface. The tool is backed by analytics and insights, that make the HR managers take better decisions. It will help you reveal deeper employee insights. The tool offers various psychometric solutions that are quantifiable and contribute to the growth of the business.


Mettl offers various online examination and proctoring solutions, recruitment and L&D solutions and an online assessment software, including all kinds of cognitive, technical and psychometric tools to judge the employees and ensure that an unbiased feedback is given to them. This transparent solution improves the trust of the employees for the organization.


With the help of Loop, the managers can provide 360° support and learning to the employees. Loop was one of the first companies to start offering this kind of a feedback solution. On time feedback plays a very important role in increasing employee retention. The Loop app is designed to offer real time feedback.


To add a rich experience to the employee life cycle, it is important to develop the company culture. Bring Zugata to your organization and build and develop a strong culture. Zugata offers features to boost employee engagement, performance evaluation, and improve people & culture experiences. Zugata was designed to keep engagement, performance and retention connected always.


To improve employee experience, the employee should get a chance to express themselves. VIbeCatch is a tool, which continuously listens to employees and gathers the latest and most relevant information for the managers. The information is safe in the app and only the senior line manager can look into the information to add confidence in the relation.


Workday is a more comprehensive tool, the world is evolving fast and Workday is an all-rounder tool for finance, HR, and planning systems. Talent Acquisition, learning and performance optimization are catered to very well by Workday.

SAP Success Factors

SAP success Factors is a boon for HR managers. This software tool offers end-to-end experiences and the HXM suite also enables the development of flexible, engaged and resilient teams within the organization. With the help of the employee experience software, the managers can listen to employee woes and offer real time feedback, hassle-free.


Qualtrics is a great tool that shifts the control from the managers to the employees and it offers unbiased feedback to the employees, adding to the overall learning experience of the employees. Qualtrics offers Employee XM, which enables the managers to know everything that is going with the team and employees. The tools lets them take actions to further help in employee engagement.

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