HR Technology Highlights –> A TecHRseries Round-Up For 28-December-2020: Featuring Beamery, Hiretual, VergeSense, RingCentral and more!

There is now no ‘’conventional’’ way of looking at HR policies and processes, while disruptions in hiring and workplace trends continue to shape a new future of work, how will HR teams of the future strengthen tactical and strategic processes?

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It was hard when we all worked from an office, hard when we all worked from home, and it’ll only get harder as we move to a blend of both in post-COVID times. Within operations where we’re often driving cross-functional programs, I often find that the majority of operational problems stem from a lack of clear communication. As a language translation company, we are even more cognizant of and sensitive to nuances of words and phrasing in different local contexts. There are timezone considerations, language considerations, communication channel considerations (video chats vs in-person meetings vs asynchronous messaging vs email). Everyone has different writing/working styles (I’m a big fan of everyone building and sharing their “user manual”). There’s often a proliferation (mess!) of different documentation and knowledge sharing software. Everyone and every team has different ways of sharing and absorbing information, so it’s critical to spend time thinking about your company’s communication architecture and philosophy. -Josephine Pang, Director of Operations at Lilt

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TecHRseries Interview with Sultan Saidov, Co-founder and President at Beamery
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There are still a lot of areas for innovation across HR Tech. A good starting point is to compare the employee and talent experience with a customer experience. Today most of our customer experiences are personalized – unique to each of us. No two people’s Netflix accounts or Facebook feeds look the same. As consumers we use content recommendation systems. In HR Tech we still use content management systems. This is because we don’t have the people-centric data architecture that can allow us to provide talent with the right recommendations. This applies to jobs, career development or other relevant content that is based on people’s capabilities (including their skills) and their intent (including their preferences). There is a lot of innovation that can happen as we start to ‘consumerize’ this talent and employee experience. -Sultan Saidov, Co-founder and President at Beamery

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