The Tech That’s Helping People Return to the Office Safely in 2021

By Aran Richardson

As 2021 rapidly approaches, so too does the prospect of returning to normal life in some capacity. With the COVID-19 vaccines moving forward as we speak, people are looking forward to the return to normalcy. With this slow process comes an eventual return to the daily commute and the cubical. If you’re a “homebody” like myself, going back to the office is the last thing many of us want to do right now. Companies like Zoom have helped organizations around the world continue to operate remotely and will serve as a staple in corporate America in the coming years. However, getting back to the office and our usual workspaces is finally within sight.

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Given this fact, it is important to ask the question: how can we improve employee safety and sanitation in the workplace? With a few new tech-savvy additions, the transition back to the office will be a much more comfortable and safe experience.

UV-C Disinfecting Products for Shared/Everyday Items

One of the biggest germ carriers in any office space are personal devices and keyboards. Because of their high usage, it’s naturally going to be a point of focus for someone trying to create a safer work environment. Using technology like UV light to disinfect high usage surfaces is a promising solution to combat germ transmission. Companies like Vioguard are implementing this technology into their products like the Cubby+ to obliterate harmful pathogens on small items in under a minute. With solutions like these, people can feel that much better about rejoining their colleagues at work.

Touchless Appliances for Breakrooms

Perhaps the most highly trafficked office destinations are watercoolers. Being a popular fixture of most workplaces, a touchless watercooler can help limit the spread of germs and the amount of contact employees are having with the appliance. Companies like Aquaverve, and their touchless coolers provide a way for decision makers to continue to keep popular areas like the breakroom watercooler available for the office. Serving as an alternative to your traditional cooler or water fountain, touchless watercoolers will eliminate another area of transmission without completely restricting the area.

Promoting a Calm & Clean Environment

With people returning back to the office, it’s important to maintain a clean and productivity enabling environment.  Not to mention, employees might be working long and strenuous hours in a tight space. To relieve this issue, fragrance tech company Airzai introduced their Airzai Care disinfecting spray. The Airzai Care air & surface disinfectant combines natural disinfecting ingredients with premium essential oils like Rosemary, which is said assist in easing stress and improving brain function. With multitasking products like this on the market, companies are going the extra mile to ensure the safety and comfort of their in-office employees.

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As we continue to look forward to the return to our normal lives, technology and innovative products will continue to play a pivotal role in getting us back to where we once were. As far as the office is concerned, you can expect to see major changes in the way we work and the type of technologies and experiences that will keep us safe at work.