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What are some of the top HR Tech and HR skills that today’s HR professional should be adept with? And how should HR leaders be strengthening these skillsets for the future? Leaders from the industry weigh in with thoughts, tips and insights. 

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The right pre-hire assessment program can be the foundation of an organization’s talent acquisition and talent development strategy. A strong pre-hire assessment program can put an end to bad hires, which are expensive, stunt productivity and can damage morale. –Brandon DeCaro, Sales Director, Aon

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TecHRseries Interview with Jennifer Mitchell, Head of People at NetBase Quid
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Culture is a concept based on a combination of a shared set of beliefs where employees know how to respond, that it’s correct, and they know how they will be rewarded for it. This takes shape from the leadership’s behavior, communication style, messaging and celebrations. This is also done through influential aspects such as the company’s degree of hierarchy, urgency, resolution of conflict, etc. As an HR professional, I am the caretaker of the culture and it is my job to ensure that the organization’s culture will continue and thrive. –Jennifer Mitchell, Head of People at NetBase Quid


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