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Learning Management Systems and their Importance in Corporate Learning and Development

Learning Management System, or LMS, is a software application that is used by many companies, organisations, or institutions to facilitate learning. LMS allows teachers or trainers to track, identify and assess the learning goals of a specific organisation. It facilitates tracking the learning progress and presents data to the supervising committee. Learning Management Systems are used in many areas such as training new employees or teachers, teaching in schools, and even in the corporate sector.

Corporate Learning Management Systems help to deliver courses or content to employees online. New employees or trainees are taught about their roles in the company through corporate LMS. Corporate LMS also helps to provide training programs or courses on development and compliance-related issues. The courses offered to employees can be created though tools already available on the software or by using other course creating software.

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Importance of Corporate Learning Management Systems

There are many benefits of using a corporate LMS in any company. These benefits increase the importance of having a good Learning Management System in the company. Some reasons why corporate LMS is important:

  • Employees regularly need to update their skills in the workplace.
  • Customers have to be given training that is vital to help them use products and services offered by companies.
  • The LMS mechanisms and features allow companies to conduct training in multiple languages with content that has been professionally developed.
  • Trainees can refer to the training at their own pace without the stress of having to understand the content in a stipulated amount of time.
  • LMS allows companies to create content according to the needs of the employees or customers.
  • Corporate LMS reduces the dependence on multiple programmers and graphic designers to create an engaging course. The content needed by the company can be curated onto the course from various websites without external help.
  • The tracking of training progress and attendance and the creation of quizzes can be done on one single platform. LMS helps to show the consumption of training patterns and assess the topics covered and skill gaps of the trainees.
  • The trainee’s career path can be driven with the help of LMS. The strategies used in corporate LMS helps learner or trainees explore their talents and achieve goals in different departments within the company.
  • Management and monitoring the content in training will help employees learn about what their next step is to climb the ladder of success in the company. There are multiple parameters and features on LMS applications that can help employees discover next steps.

Top Providers of Corporate Learning Management Systems

There are multiple corporate Learning Management Systems providers all around the world. Some of these providers suit some companies more than others. Therefore, it is vital for a company to choose a corporate LMS provider that will suit them the best and meet all the required training needs. Some of the top corporate LMS providers include:

  • eLeap

eLeap is a cloud-based LMS that assists companies to manage their organisational compliance and team management. It allows companies to upload different types of files onto the course content, it organises courses based on training paths for individual employees or groups of employees, it allows companies to create quizzes and surveys based on the course content, and it keeps users engaged.

  • Skilljar

Skilljar is a corporate LMS that helps companies transform employees into leading experts. This software helps companies measure business impacts, track the progress of the learner or employee, evaluate the content, and build specialised learning paths based on the needs of the employee, such as internal or external needs, etc.

  • Lessonly

Lessonly is a corporate LMS software application that helps corporate trainers to build and implement training programs that will encourage learners. It provides services that transform content creation by enhancing lessons that can be translated into 13 different languages. It allows companies to strategically plan the training program and create practice scenarios. Lessonly can also be used to consult on different training opportunities and guide product implementation. Other features include advanced training and administrative support to the company.

  • LearnUpon

LearnUpon is another corporate LMS provider. The main objective of this software application is to transform and revolutionise corporate learning. It is built with software that focuses training on the user while automating recurring elements of the training program and syncing up data to improve efficiency. The software also ensures that critical training courses run smoothly without any bugs or delays. Companies can use this provider to expertly build technical and diverse courses, scale and coordinate training and provide and share data whenever necessary.

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With the “new-normal” firmly in place, remote working is going to be the norm for a while. In order to ensure that employees receive proper training and guidance regularly, Learning Management Systems are the most effective tool that the management can agree on. So, their usage is certainly going to witnesses a steady growth for many years to come.