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The year 2020 brought about unexpected changes to the HR and HR Tech market; with the need to transform processes and investments in tech to match the dynamics of a global workforce working through a pandemic, as the industry steps into a new year – what are some of the top trends to keep a watch on?

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There are two main groups of people in the corporate setting who are burning the candle at both ends right now: HR Teams and Managers. We need to find ways to cut both of these groups some slack, or at least acknowledge the epic effort it’s taking to do their jobs. –Julia Markish, Head of Advisory Services at Lattice

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TecHRseries Interview with Job van der Voort, CEO at Remote
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This year’s shift to remote work has rapidly altered businesses’ needs for new solutions to fuel a welcoming, inclusive company culture with employees distributed across various locations. The pandemic did not give HR teams much time to prepare a smooth transition for employees who were previously in an office, nor could they adequately address the needs of employees onboarding in a completely remote environment. HR tech innovators can enhance their offerings to meet these changing needs in 2021 and beyond by developing tools that are tailored to the specific needs of remote-first businesses and employees. –Job van der Voort, CEO at Remote



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