SHL Sponsors Purple Tuesday to Promote Accessible Customer Experiences

Shl Supports Purple Tuesday in Creating Awareness and Improvement in the Value and Needs of Customers With Disabilities

SHL announced their sponsorship for Purple Tuesday’s celebratory event on Nov 2, 2021. Purple Tuesday inspires organizations in the UK to develop knowledge, understanding and practical approaches to improve the experience for over 14 million UK customers with disabilities.

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Covid-19 has illuminated the need for organizations to demonstrate the quality of their customer care to people with disabilities and their families. This includes customers with hidden disabilities who make up 80% of the disabled population but whose needs are often overlooked.

“SHL is proud to have partnered with Purple, recognizing that neurodiversity and disability are vital and often missing parts of corporate inclusion. Together, we are working towards providing a better, more inclusive future,” said Andy Bradshaw, CEO, SHL.

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The company has partnered with Purple on several projects including an accessibility audit of its products and services, as well as conducting a research project to understand an autistic person’s experiences and reactions to pre-hire assessments. This research is the first of its kind in the market, and could inform best practice for equitable pre-hire experiences.

SHL is committed to establishing a framework for holistic involvement in DEI through research, partnerships, and action. Find out more about how SHL can help you build a more inclusive culture in our point of view paper.

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