Rising Gravity of HR Tech Skills for Specialists in the Domain

Technology disruption has traveled to the HR domain, and with some might. Automation, as a by-product has taken over the repetitive tasks in a majority of hr processes ranging from candidate-matching, shortlisting based on keywords in the candidate CVs, scheduling interviews, among many others.

Current HR tech trends clearly reflect the rapid automation that has been introduced in the HR tasks of late. In the times to come, the leadership in HR will get completely free from performing the routine tasks as process automation will take care of those. Instead, HR executives will participate largely in the strategic planning for talent sourcing and development to contribute to the growth of the business at large.

Enterprise HR technologies investment outlook(global) by corporation size in 2019

Source: Statista

Some Interesting Stats That Showcases the Growing Significance of HR Tech

As per Statista, 52% of large-sized organizations in 2019 planned to increase their investment on the adoption of new HR technology. A survey conducted by them concluded that 59% of corporations around the world believe that talent management is that area of HR where the majority of spending goes into, in the form of incorporation of advanced HR tech.


Companies leveraging mobile-enabled hr technology globally (2014-2020)

Source: Statista

As per a global survey conducted by Statista in 2019, it was found that 57% of the companies globally leveraged mobile-enabled HR tech.

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How HR Specialists Can Maintain Awareness About the New HR Tech

One of the most vital qualities that HR professionals of the current times need to possess is the accessibility to information on their industry. He must be aware of the ongoing trends in the industry domain, as the said sector is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Each day, new innovative solutions and HR tech tools arrive in the market. Disruptive technologies in hr pop up every now and then that bring in considerable ease to perform hr tasks and increase efficiency.

To keep a constant connect with the new emerging tech in HR, the professionals of the domain need to communicate well among their colleagues. For better help, they can choose to attend meetings and conferences where industry leaders often give a talk on the latest trends and their future scope.

On top of it, one can communicate with professionals working in the same domain by conversing in online forums. However, the conversations have now switched to Facebook and Telegram, where groups and web pages have been formed to discuss the upcoming innovations and ongoing trends with the opinion leaders.

Advent of Disruptive HR Tech has Brought in a Plethora of Changes

With new technologies disrupting the functioning of HR management, the domain as a whole is undergoing drastic changes. Conventional tools used in HR, and the approach, both have changed to a large extent with the introduction of revolutionary HR tech lately.

Given that, HR specialists too, will need to attain the new-formed skills that involve handling HR tech and familiarity with the use of new HR tools. Automation, machine learning, and AI are the three key technologies that have taken over conventional hr-functioning.

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Concluding Thoughts

Human resource technology will continue to grow, and even faster, than it had been in the past. However, the worry at the moment is how will the HR specialists across the globe will mold themselves to the rapidly changing skill needs. Skill-specific certifications in HR tech may serve as a great help to building tech skills in the domain.

As they are easily available online, and can be acquired while studying and learning in the comfort of the home, they sound like a perfect aid to skill-development within HR. As a matter of fact, one can acquire industry-specific credentials through online certification programs while not stepping out of his home at all. Even the qualifying examinations are held online over personal computers and laptops.