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COVID-19 is Shaking up the Labor Market: Supporting one another to ride the waves…

It has not only been workers that have been impacted by the gig economy, companies have also received a major hit. Around 75% of companies have noticed a significant revenue drop due to the COVID19 pandemic. Helping each other, gig company to gig company, will be pivotal in determining how companies handle the impact of COVID19.

The challenges that have come part and parcel with the pandemic means that companies need to get creative in their solutions to overcome them- they may look different between the gig economy sectors, they all require different support, but need the same empathy.

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Currently, there are three major factors that have influenced the relationship Appjobs has with its partners: transparency, support and consideration. 


The relationships built between a partner and company are only going to last if there is transparency between both parties. Whether things are good or bad, keeping raw and honest can help ride the wave.


As with any tough situation, we all rely on one another. From family, to friends to other support networks, humans are interdependent by nature. To make a relationship succeed, you need to nurture it. Through thick and thin, keeping it personal and adapting to help. Partnerships are the lifeline of a company like Appjobs, so making the process as easy and helpful as possible to find solutions to their pain points. While traditional sales techniques involve cold and quite aggressive techniques, the challenges of the pandemic mean partnerships require a softer approach. There are people behind a business, one of the most important factors to remember. When a company joins Appjobs, they not only have a business partner but a partner to support them through the wave. Becoming a part of a community is more important than the hard sell. We all need compassion during these testing times.

As the world has taken a leap towards remote working, most companies and partners are becoming better equipped to handle communications digitally. These technological developments have resulted in the ability to keep up global communications: no matter the physical distance, we can be there for partners.

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It is essential to monitor the situation closely: who needs help? Listen to what partners need, they can give you the most valuable product insights. The information from the users of a product is priceless.

Also, due to the different sectors receiving different levels of impact, adaptability is key. If a sector is growing rapidly, give them the tools to help them expand and receive the best talent. For those companies that are slower moving, then often we have to change what we offer them based on what resources they have.

This pandemic has opened communication, it has become warmer and more connected to our partners, keeping it not just as business but connecting with them as people, so we can understand them better. Talk, don’t sell. It is something we have benefited from and it helps keep things connected. As the partners keep us updated with their circumstances, we can find the relevant solutions to them. Whether this is offering free and educational resources, from webinars to ebooks etc, or providing a service in lieu of a return later on. It is vital to reinforce that loyalty to partners, share the knowledge we have to benefit those we care about and those who could benefit. Having easily accessible free content means that you can get more inbound leads as well as position yourself well as a trusted and knowledgeable source as well as reinforcing your loyalty to your clients.

This is also a time to reflect: how can we tailor our services to best serve the companies. Whether it’s providing a company with a service in lieu of repayment, to upgrading our services to help partnerships become more efficient.