Onboarding HR Solutions and Products That Can Streamline your Digital Onboarding Processes

Employee onboarding forms the base for your entire HR cycle, which is crucial for an organization’s growth.

From outsourcing the recruitment and onboarding to digitizing every HR activity, all modern-day HR business functions have evolved a lot in the past decade. Organizations today have access to sophisticated on-boarding software solutions that help them streamline and quicken HR processes.

The beauty of onboarding software is that it eliminates all the paper work and the online documentation makes for a great online passage to store the entire life cycle of an employee with the organization. So whether an organization outsources its recruitment and onboarding or conducts it in-house, the following are some onboarding software tools that could come handy.

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Welcome your new recruits with zeal and enthusiasm with the help of the following software tools:

Bigger organizations that want to have a smooth and paperless onboarding process could integrate tools like WorkBright to their HR tech stack. Work Bright enables the HR team to hire new recruits easily. All the paper formalities such as photo uploads, certifications and so on can be done on a mobile device. The software sends joining reminders to the employees and gives them all the details they need to know before their first day.

  • ClearCompany

ClearCompany is one of the most used HR onboarding tools by Fortune 500 companies. It is popular due to its user-friendly interface. ClearCompany helps with recruiting, onboarding, performance management and goal tracking. You can have the complete life cycle of your employees at one place with ClearCompany.

GoCo is an all-in-one HR tool that is best known for its on-boarding platform. The software beautifully automates the hiring of new employees and collection of all the required information and documents at one place. It acts as a central repository of all the information about the employee, which makes it very easy to organize everything under one roof.

  • Lessonly

Ideally, Lessonly is an incredible tool for learning, but it helps new employees to understand the customer cycle very well. At the time of onboarding this software tool can therefore come handy. With the help of this tool, managers can provide feedback to the employees once the project is delivered.

The software offers an affordable and convenient on-boarding platform, and it helps the new hires to be prepared for the first day at office. The tasks that are to be performed on the first day and other activities are automatically sent to the new recruits a day before. This helps the managers to cut out unnecessary explanations and focus on other important tasks during the induction.

  • ExactHire

ExactHire, like many other HR tools, is a cloud based software that stores all your employee related information and documents at one place. From applicant tracking to reference check, training assignments, trigger reminders, e-verifications and so on.

  • SentricHR

This is one of the HR tools that were specifically designed to manage and streamline on-boarding of employees. On-boarding of an employee involves a lot of tracking, reminders, uploading various documents and certifications. SentricHR does it all very conveniently.

Organimi is considered as one of the most used HR onboarding tools in the market. Every new employee faces the problem of understanding the internal structure of a company, and Organimi deals with this problem in particular. Organimi helps the HR team to create charts and graphs and share it across all the collaborators to have a clear understanding of the internal processes of the company.

Oorwin is a San Francisco based SaaS platform. Essentially an onboarding software tool, Oorwin is also integrated with ATS, CRM and a complete suite of HRMS tools. Staffing and HR consulting needs are easily solved with Oorwin. Even if new recruits hale from the different parts of the world, Oorwin can unify the entire on-boarding process from one operating place.

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Your onboarding process has the power to transform the overall experience of your employee. By streamlining and digitizing the onboarding, the HR personnel can look into further strategies to create a better experience for the new recruits.