HR Technology Highlights –> A TecHRseries Round-Up For 26-October-2020: Featuring O.C. Tanner,, Sprout Social, Salesforce and more!

Will artificial intelligence, robotics and sophisticated HR analytics platforms drive the future of HR Tech? Or will the future of recruitment sourcing technology involve processes that minimize the involvement of the HR person in the overall candidate identification process?

Today’s HR Tech capabilities are not only transforming how HR teams prioritize plan and execute their day to day tasks, it is leading to a complete overhaul that’s redefining how HR departments choose to connect with existing and future employees, store employee and candidate data and analyze business and employee performance.

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The good news is that opportunities emerge from adversity. 2020’s challenges have reminded us what matters most and how we can course correct for future success. Those companies that actively address shortcomings in workplace culture and double down on best practices like transparency, recognition, and inclusion will be the long-term winners.

Gary Beckstrand, Vice President, O.C. Tanner

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Embrace upskilling and reskilling. The economic downfall has created a strong need among workers to look for ways to secure their employment and continue career growth and longevity. At Wyzant, our tutors have seen an uptick in professionals looking to upskill. By providing learning and development resources through HR resources, employees of small to mid-sized businesses will feel supported and encouraged to succeed in their careers during such an overwhelming time.




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