Cybersecurity Solutions That Boost Remote Work Security and the Overall Remote Work Experience

IoT without security becomes Internet of Threats”, this cannot be denied!

Technology teams across the world are grappling with issues related to increased cybersecurity risks during this ongoing extended remote work experience being caused by the current Covid-19 pandemic. A few of the risks attached to remote working:

  • Email scams
  • Phishing attacks on the remote working infrastructure
  • Dealing with coding errors

All of the above risks can be minimized to a great extent with the help of the right cybersecurity solutions. A few top providers include:

  • Netmotion Software

A popular cybersecurity software solution from Seattle in Washington, Netmotion offers sleek mobile performance management and traffic optimization to help organizations accelerate their business operations over various hybrid networks.

  • Sailpoint Technologies

Offering solutions in software, risk management and identity management, Sail Point technologies helps organizations answer the following three questions:

  • Who has access to what?
  • Who should have such access and to what?
  • How the given access is used?

The company offers products like Identity IQ for compliance, password management and Security IQ that gives business complete control over the sensitive data of the organization.

  • Trail of Bits

Hailing from the technology, finance and defense industry, Trail of Bits is a specialized cybersecurity firm offering a wide array of security solutions such as malware protection, cryptography, reverse engineering, virtualization and block chain security. This New York based company has successfully performed security engineering and assessments for companies like DARPA and Facebook.

  • Carbon Black

This Boston based cybersecurity company helps organizations detect cyber threats before their systems are attacked by any malware agents. The various tools offered by Carbon Black are enterprise AV replacement ransomware protection, advanced antivirus protection, malware and non-malware protection and so on.

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  • Webroot

Based in Broomfield, Colorado, Webroot offers cloud-based cybersecurity solutions for consumers, businesses and enterprises. The noteworthy services offered by Webroot are real-time threat protection against identity theft, spyware, viruses, phishing attacks and more. Besides these, Webroot also offers privacy and security to wireless users.

  • Fortinet

Fortinet is a Californian company offering cybersecurity products in various categories such as network firewalls, intrusion prevention, web application firewalls, and endpoint security. With a wide range of cyber security products and services, Fortinet has become one of the most popular cybersecurity companies around the world.

  • KnowBe4

The next in our list is the Florida based, KnowBe4. The name itself suggests one to know the virus before they attack the systems. KnowBe4 has gained a lot of traction in the past few years and it has received its Unicorn status as a cybersecurity company. The company is on a mission to safeguard its users from cyber criminals and employee stupidity as well.

  • Cisco

Offering cybersecurity products in the categories like security management, web gateway NAC, VPN, next-generation firewalls, next-generation intrusion prevention and so on, Cisco has expanded its branches into security and storage from networking. Over a period of a decade, Cisco has started offering an array of security products for malware protection, intrusion prevention systems, firewalls and cloud protection.

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  • Splunk

Splunk is mainly into IT service Management, but it has expanded into offering cybersecurity solutions as well. Splunk’s security platform has been used by many Fortune 500 companies to perform their security analysis. It offers modern features to optimize the cyber defenses backed by industry leading data, security operations solutions and analytics.

  • Symantec

Popular in the software industry, Symantec has successfully worked with plenty of IT and ITEs organizations to strengthen cyber security. The company offers everything from cloud, network to endpoint security and email defense.

Cybersecurity is nothing but a set of techniques that aids in protecting internal systems and tech infrastructure. With today’s sophisticated security solutions, its easier for organizations to streamline how they protect their data and systems from any unauthorized access, a critical consideration especially during a time of increased remote access to main systems.