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In what ways can companies digitize their employee experience for better impact while ensuring no element of the personal interaction is lost in the process? Catch more in these latest HR Tech highlights to grab some effective tips:

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Companies must propose to their remote workers in the digital workplace the same experience they had on-premise. The future Digital Workplace will have to manage employee communication, to take care of the culture, to organize team collaboration, and to integrate digitalized business processes. Innovative digital workplace technologies are a niche that will be crucial to keep all our employees on board, even if they work wherever they want.

Cyril De Queral, CEO at Powell Software

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TecHRseries Interview with Benjamin Granger, at Qualtrics XM Institute
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HR leaders should take some time to reflect on new practices they’ve incorporated or accelerated during the pandemic. Then they need to decide which practices they should continue. A bank we worked with that opened up its branches during the pandemic found that their employees were worried about workplace safety. So they launched an always-on listening program for employees to come in and say, “Hey, customers aren’t wearing their masks.” Or, “My co-worker came in sick, and that made me uncomfortable.” That feedback gets routed to the facilities team in real time so that they can resolve those types of issues immediately.



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