HR Tech Startups in Australia: What’s Going on Down Under?

The Australian HR tech market has proven itself to be one of the most vibrant across the Asia Pacific region. A number of new players are emerging and finding means of connecting quality candidates to companies. Here are a few new generation HR tech startups that are delivering innovative solutions today to help attract and retain top talent. 

  1. Culture Amp

Culture Amp is a cloud-based employee engagement and performance management platform that is focused towards helping companies take actions to enhance employee performance, engagement and retention. By making it easy to collect employee feedback, it helps HR leaders to make better decisions, and turn company culture into a competitive edge. Culture Amp’s on-demand platform is designed and supported by psychologists and data scientists to help you build an employee feedback program that will work for your organization. The engagement surveys can be tailored as per the requirement. It also ensures anonymity in their surveys to know how employees truly feel.  Culture Amp pricing starts at $3300.00 per year, per user, they do not have a free version.

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  1. Sourcr

Sourcr is one of the leading reputation management platforms. Online reputation is a critical parameter for any company and Sourcr enables you to monitor and take complete care of yours. The platform provides you with a suite of tools to automate the review collection process; it promotes your reviews in more places on the web to get an insight into what your customers are saying about you. Sourcr also integrates with other tools like JobAdder, Bullhorn and Vincere.  Sourcr is trusted by over 700 recruiters and 200 agencies across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

  1. Flare HR

Flare HR is a free on boarding and benefits platform. It is a cloud-based suite of talent management applications that help all size of businesses to manage and track the entire lifecycle for employees. Some of the main features Flare HR offers are – a performance review module, job descriptions module, compensation administration module, applicant tracking and reward and recognition. Flare also facilitates integration with payroll systems, lets enterprises monitor candidate’s profiles and skillsets, and automates hiring and on boarding processes. Pricing is available on a subscription basis and support is extended via email, phone and other online measures.

  1. Mentorloop

Mentorloop is a cloud based mentoring platform which enables the organizations to run their one-on-one and group mentoring programs at any scale. The software offers features like custom branded marketing portals, automated matching of mentors and mentees, instant messaging, and real-time analytics and reporting among many others. To avail this program, mentors and mentees can sign up online, through sign-up forms with customized survey questions. The data is then automatically piped into Mentorloop for matching mentees to the best mentors. The optional My Match feature also allows mentors and mentees to select their own matches from the internal CRM of user profiles.

  1. Employment Hero

Employment Hero is a cloud-based human resource management system suitable for all sizes of businesses. With integrations to Xero, MYOB and Keypay along with their own payroll platform HeroPay, Employment Hero helps you streamline admin related tasks and focus on more strategic processes. Employment Hero’s features also include a supporting law firm that keeps contacts and HR policies up to date and employee self-service function that allows workers to request leave, view payslips and timesheets and edit personal or banking information. In terms of recruiting, the software allows users to create their careers page, post to the Employment Hero jobs board, create questionnaires for candidates and do things like background checks.

  1. Employment Innovations (EI)

Employment Innovations is one of Australia’s leading employment solution providers that offer outsourced employment solutions for small & medium size businesses. With a goal of helping businesses rethink their workplace management and helping them transition and excel in their field, Employment Innovations offer a suite of features. Their specializations include Employment Law & Migration, Human Resources, Payroll, Outsourced Employment, HR Technology and Recognition & Incentives.

  1. MyInterview

MyInterview is a video screening tool which helps employers hire the right talent with a customizable one-way interview solution. Employers post ‘interviews’ on this platform, including a company video, a role description and upto 10 text or video questions and while applying candidates get 30 seconds to review each question before recording the response. The platform can be used throughout the recruitment process, from allowing job seekers to attach a video to their CV as a cover letter of sorts, through to interviews. By using technologies like AI, the platform helps recruiters select the very best applicants in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  1. Enboarder

Enboarder is an experience-driven on boarding platform that emphasizes the value of human connection and transforms employee on boarding into an on-going, engaging and consistent experience.  Enboarder empowers the HR teams and managers by creating highly engaged teams which lay the foundation for a good company culture and long term employment. Enboarder is the winner of multiple HR-tech awards and is being used by some of the largest organizations globally, including Banana Republic, McDonald’s, Eventbrite, HSBC, Westpac, Qantas, Samsung, DXC Technology, and Canva among others.

  1. HROnboard

HROnboard is an onboarding software designed for mid-enterprise companies with around 100 employees. The platform helps to create a seamless new hire experience by enabling teams to automate the repetitive tasks like manual creation of job offers. HROnboard allows new hires to learn about their company before starting and connects with coworkers all in the one place. The solution is perfect for managing smooth transitions from re-contracting, policy updates, and managing bulk contracts during peak seasonal re-hiring, or mergers.

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  1. TalentVine

TalentVine is an Intelligent, user friendly and cost effective recruitment platform. Their mission is to provide employers and recruiters with the required clarity and confidence to connect with the right hires. TalentVine creates the right balance of smart technology and human interaction. The platform also helps in connecting the employers looking to outsource recruitment with specialist recruiters which help them in filling the roles with the right candidates.