HR Technology Highlights –> A TecHRseries Round-Up For 21-December-2020: Featuring Phenom, Ceridian, SAP, Upwork and more!

While human resources teams worked on making quick adjustments to the functional needs of businesses during the 2020 global pandemic, how will they drive core initiatives and policies through 2021 amid more shifts in employee and work trends?

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We as human resources and as a company quickly made the decision to retain all of our employees and launched a project called “OB (Outbrain) assist”. The aim of this project was to re-assign employees to other projects and provide support to other teams which had experienced an increased volume of work due to the pandemic. “OB assist” was a huge success and people really enjoyed the opportunity to experiment and contribute in other roles. Mazi Ravid, VP People & Culture at Outbrain

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TecHRseries Interview with Derek Belch, CEO at Strivr
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Immersive Learning is quickly becoming an ideal training choice across many industries. Using VR, employees can be fully immersed in real-world scenarios where they can practice both hard and soft skills in a safe environment, without risk or consequence. In VR, mistakes are free. Employees can practice for potentially high-stress situations and with scenarios that will quickly become familiar in their new role.




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