HR Technology Highlights –> A TecHRseries Round-Up For 12-October-2020: Featuring Zendesk, Cornerstone, HackerRank, Lattice and more

To attract and retain the industry’s best, HR teams need to know where to find best-fit candidates while ensuring a steady flow of candidate profiles are maintained in central systems, as part of their overall talent pipeline management process. How are some of the industry’s best leveraging the newest technologies to fuel talent acquisition and talent management processes?

Find out in this week’s HR Tech highlights:

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The pandemic has necessitated that our managers hone an acute focus on employee wellbeing. We have developed assistance programs and forums to address new and increased life pressures, and we regularly reinforce our commitment to work-life harmony. Keeping an open discussion about stressful matters that may be affecting employees like Zoom fatigue, parenting while working, and especially deeper societal issues such as racial injustice is paramount at Minim.

Nicole Hayward, Founder & CPO/CMO of Minim

“Whether it’s recruiting, onboarding or case management, HR teams must be able to attract and keep top performers. Technology today supports this mission by automating manual processes and integrating operations so that team members can focus on the individuals they are serving. We consistently see HR teams lost in unmanageable masses of emails and messy, siloed processes. The best way HR tech can evolve to alleviate this challenge is by helping to improve efficiency and manage workflows and the solution must be accessible to non-IT team members–as a no-code service,”

Alessio Alionco, CEO and Founder at Pipefy 

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Using digital communications to build relationships looks very different than using it to get work done.  You need something that is more mobile-first than desktop-centric, more about photos and videos than rapid fire texting, and revolves around high quality content rather than high volume, transactional communications. In a more virtual work experience, there’s a huge gap with this – companies have historically not had anything designed for building relationships.




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