A Week in HR Tech – TecHR Round-up for 17th February 2020 – Featuring Teamviewer, Laserfiche, Amazon, and More

Intelligent content management and business process automation platform, Laserfiche, introduced new features for firms to take advantage of expanded RPA capabilities, PayScale was selected by Amazon for its hiring and retention needs.

In addition, TeamViewer launched its new Remote Access product in the US. Many such important news and quotes from industry-experts in this week’s TecHR Round-up.

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When gig work data is combined with a multi-dimensional analysis that combines information from several systems, you gain powerful and actionable answers that will help you design the best programs for all your employees—and make a better impact on business goals

Nic Smith, VP of Product Marketing at Visier




TeamViewer Launched Its New Remote Access Product in the U.S.
Laserfiche “Workflow Bots” Will Help Automate Repeatable Clicks and Data Entry Actions
EmployStream Raised $7 Million Series B Funding Round Led by Plymouth Growth Partners
Amazon Chose PayScale to Attract and Retain Quality Talent
Paycom Launched Innovative Mobile Tool for 24/7 Task Approvals

Q&A with the experts TecHR Series



How have you seen HCM evolve over the years?

TecHR Interview with Pat Palmer, President and CEO at PDS

“Over the years, as systems have become more “user-friendly”, and less technical, usage has shifted to the end-user and the day-to-day operations have transitioned to users across the enterprise. This transition has forced HCM software design to become more automated, and easier to operate. The shift to cloud-based solutions further removed any IT involvement in managing systems and compounded the need for quicker ramp-up time, easier integration, and regular automated maintenance.”

Grab more excerpts from TecHR Interview with Pat Palmer, President and CEO at PDS


Given the challenges in recruitment, what are the top reasons you’d suggest companies use automation to drive their hiring and onboarding efforts?

TecHR Interview with Nir Leibovich, CEO and Co-Founder at GoCo Inc.

“We’ve all seen the statistics around the painful costs of recruiting and training a new hire, not to mention the talent wars and all-time low unemployment. The bottom line, the answer to all of this is retention and engagement! If you can retain your talent longer and improve engagement, you will have a secret advantage over the competition. That means investing in the employee experience and it starts with onboarding.”

Read the complete interview: TecHR Interview with Nir Leibovich, CEO and Co-Founder at GoCo Inc.



Research and Findings



78% of Job Applicants Lie; 66% of Hiring Managers Don’t Even Care
Shortage of Talent a Major Challenge for Cloud Projects in 2020
81% of Respondents Believe Ageism Is a Factor in the Hiring Process




Employee Burnout Can Be Fatal – for Employees and Companies Alike

Stress at work can give rise to extreme physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, leading to a loss of personal identity and a sense of reduced accomplishment on the part of employees. A major catalyst of reduced productivity, employee burnout costs $125 billion to $190 billion in healthcare spending each year in the U.S. alone.

HR humor



HR Humor - Bots AI
The Future of Work?

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  • Ride-hailing company Shouqi Limousine & Chauffeur (SQLC) set up emergency support fleets in cities hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak. Read the complete story of how SQLC is leading its CSR activities.
  • Bestbuy.com is the most visible website on Google search when people search for consumer electronics topics such as computers, laptops, video, and mobile phones, reveals a study by Searchmetrics.

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