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Workflow Bots to Further Streamline Automation in the Laserfiche Platform

A major global provider of intelligent content management and business process automation, Laserfiche, recently made an announcement regarding the availability of new features for firms to take advantage of expanded RPA capabilities in the Laserfiche platform. “Workflow bots” will help automate repeatable clicks and data entry actions across various applications.

Companies are always on the lookout to automate manual, routine tasks that take up a lot of time. With the help of the workflow bots, users will be able to mimic recurring manual tasks that include data entry, logging in and out of systems, and form-filling. These features, in addition to the existing automation features, will boost employee productivity by filling integration gaps.

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Enterprises currently dependent on legacy systems or third-party, external sites for everyday operations can make use of workflow bots to work between applications seamlessly, syncing data and processes without human intervention. This will enable employees to be more productive while cutting down on robotic tasks.

Karl Chan, President and CTO at Laserfiche said, “Businesses and employees alike want their time back from monotonous tasks to be more productive, more effective and more innovative.  We’re excited to introduce RPA capabilities to the Laserfiche platform to supplement human employees’ capabilities and open up new opportunities for efficiency and innovation, giving our customers a competitive edge.”

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Laserfiche’s workflow bots offer these additional benefits:

  • Easy implementation
  • Better consistency and accuracy
  • Consolidated data and functionality
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Low technical barrier because of no-code solution

In an industry pre-dominated by Slack and Box, the Laserfiche platform eradicates manual processes and automates boring and recurring tasks, with the help of powerful workflows, document management, electronic forms, and analytics. Square9, Hyland, and Everteam are some of its major competitors.

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