The Bersin Company + Sounding Board Research Explores the Essential Need for Mentoring in Leadership Development

Sounding Board, the first cohesive Leader Development Platform created to address the leadership gap, has made its latest research, “Coaching for Success: A New Wave of Offerings for a New Breed of Leaders,” available. Coaching is a proven high-value investment leveraged by high-performing companies, according to Josh Bersin, global industry analyst, and Nehal Nangia, director of Research for The Josh Bersin Company.

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According to Bersin’s research, coaching and mentoring are the most important developmental and talent management needs for HR professionals, accounting for 48%, followed by in-depth courses (42%), more responsibility (39%), rotational assignments (36%), and external networking/conferences (36%). (32 percent). Coaching is particularly unique in that it helps develop leaders through experiences, exposure, and constructive evaluation.

Sounding Board Co-founder, President and Chief Coaching Officer Lori Mazan said, “Not only is continuous leadership development foundational to business success, it’s also a desirable developmental growth opportunity for employees. This research validates how Sounding Board’s ability to integrate both personalized and group coaching into leadership development programs helps to drive significantly higher talent and innovation outcomes.”

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Companies have traditionally only delegated coaches to senior executives, leaving the majority of leaders – mid- and early-career level employees – without the best way to help them grow in their careers and unleash their potential. Sounding Board’s technology enables businesses to provide scalable and cost-effective access to coaches at all career levels. The research offers quantitative evidence of this approach’s success in advancing career growth, providing solutions for HR and talent leaders’ most important jobs to do around performance, engagement, retention, and succession planning, and providing examples of Sounding Board in action at two Fortune 500 companies.

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