Cartus Unveils Insights from Inaugural Global Talent Mobility Survey 2024

A majority of HR and mobility professionals attribute increases in corporate relocation volume to lack of local talent

Cartus Corporation, an Anywhere Real Estate company and global leader in corporate relocation solutions, announces the release of its Global Talent Mobility Survey 2024. Subtitled “The great balancing act: optimizing the employee experience while controlling costs”, the report delves into key aspects of corporate mobility programs with international (cross-border) move volume, exploring critical areas such as talent management strategy; employee experience; flexible mobility; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); and cost management.

The survey encapsulates perspectives from 138 respondents across diverse sectors like construction, consumer goods, education, energy/oil and gas, gaming, finance, insurance, pharma, manufacturing, recruitment, retail, tech, and service. Two thirds of respondents are from in-house global mobility/relocation functions, with an additional 20% from HR/people/talent-based roles.

2024 Relo Trends
Cartus’ report underscores the delicate balance between providing a positive experience for relocating families and the imperative to reduce mobility costs. The research also highlights increasing pressure on HR and mobility professionals to strike a balance between the human touch and rapid technological advancement.

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“Our Global Talent Mobility Survey demonstrates Cartus’ commitment to pioneering thought leadership, offering invaluable benchmarking insights and recommendations from our Cartus experts,” explains Matt Tebbe, Cartus President and CEO. “The report equips HR and mobility professionals with the necessary tools to navigate the rapidly evolving realm of talent mobility.”

Key Findings:

  • The top mobility priority for 2024 is the enhancement of in-house mobility processes and optimization.
  • Mobility volume has increased or stayed the same for 70% of respondents, primarily driven by the absence of local talent, company growth, and expansion into different markets.
  • The types of mobility activity anticipated for 2024 include business traveler (68%); intra-country, international long-term, and international short-term moves (67%); and employee-requested moves (60%).
  • There was a slight downtick in expected budget approval challenges compared to last year (57% in 2024 vs. 67% in 2023).
  • The US and China are the most challenging relocation destinations.

Cartus Corporation, a global leader in talent mobility and a subsidiary of Anywhere Real Estate, delivers the full spectrum of corporate relocation services to organizations of all sizes across the world. These include more than a third of Fortune 100 companies as well as hundreds of clients with small-to-mid-size programs serviced through their dedicated Cartus Insignia segment.

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