Humu Launches Business Edition, Making Effective Teamwork a Habit For Mid-Sized Businesses

Humu Business Edition leverages years of success with the Fortune 500 to help companies of any size strengthen their teams in the transition to hybrid work.

Humu, the technology company using AI-driven nudges to help organizations improve team morale, engagement and performance, announced Humu Business Edition, a tailored package of nudges —short, timely, science-backed recommendations— that enable mid-sized businesses to build highly effective teams through personalized, virtual coaching.

A Gartner survey shows that 99% of surveyed HR leaders expect their employees to work remotely some of the time, making many of the challenges and issues that teams naturally face even harder to address. Through Humu’s work with large enterprises, Humu has seen firsthand—and in the People Analytics data—what makes a successful team. Companies of all sizes face common struggles: how to keep everyone in the loop, how to build and maintain a strong company culture, and how to distribute opportunities fairly. Hybrid work only magnifies these challenges, making it harder for leaders to pivot team priorities and drive cultural change. HR Leaders will be on the forefront of handling issues such as retention, performance, inclusion, and stress management. At the same time, managers, who are already overburdened from the past year, will have the responsibility of ensuring that teams—many transitioning to hybrid work—are working effectively.

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“We have seen how effective Humu is for large organizations and with so many workforces shifting to a hybrid model, we are now providing mid-sized businesses with the same tools for success,” said Wayne Crosby, co-founder & technical lead. “Humu Business Edition combines new features and proven best practices from our work with the Fortune 500 and packages them up for mid-sized companies.”

Humu leverages years of success with the Fortune 500 to help companies strengthen their teams. It’s a new suite of capabilities for Humu’s existing enterprise customers and mid-size businesses alike, all focused on making great teamwork a habit. This is the first time Humu’s tools have been available to growing and mid-sized teams. The platform sends nudges to employees helping them to build better habits and ways of working that are proven to increase performance, engagement, and retention. And everyone—leaders, managers, and individual contributors—receive nudges that complement each other, allowing entire teams and companies to work toward developing key skills together.

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The following features will be included within Humu Business Edition:

  • Team Effectiveness best practices nudge bundle – science-backed nudges that improve team effectiveness, conveniently pre-packaged for mid-sized companies to ensure a seamless roll-out. This “best-of” edition of Humu’s nudges — proven through their use with Fortune 500 companies and years of research — is tailored for mid-sized business teams and priorities. The nudges will focus on driving what Humu calls the five universal drivers for effective teams: purpose, trust, clarity, learning, and inclusion.
  • Personal Coach (new functionality, available now to all Humu customers) – a new onboarding flow that enables employees to personalize Humu and select the growth areas they’re most interested in focusing on. This new feature will increase belonging within the organization and ensure each employee feels empowered in their growth.
  • Rolling Pulse surveys (new functionality, available now to all Humu customers) – provide insight for HR teams on a rolling basis into how employees feel and allow them to adjust the program accordingly.
  • Nudge Control Panel – enables companies to “boost” nudges to address timely issues like transitioning to hybrid teams, managing newly hybrid teams, addressing a lack of belonging, mitigating attrition risks, preventing burnout, and more, giving their employees immediate support.
  • Nudge Activity Dashboard – provides real-time visibility into an organization’s engagement with nudges and improvement over time.

Each new feature in Humu Business Edition builds on the others, giving organizations an easy, time-tested way to deepen team effectiveness. Everything Humu does starts with science and research, and personalized nudges are shown to be a powerful way to turn strategy into action. Additionally, real-time analytics allow managers to see how their team is feeling and what to focus on next.

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