‘Google Workspace’ for Everyone Transforms Integrated Workplace Experience

Google has announced Google Workspace for everyone with the same single, connected experience that helps millions of businesses, nonprofits, and classrooms transform how they collaborate. Any user with a Google Account can now meet their workplace requirements with additional innovations designed for businesses.  The latest updates include a new individual subscription offer, new enhancements to Google Meet, and new security and privacy capabilities to support trusted hybrid collaboration.

Google Workspace Leads in Race to Democratize Workforce Technology

At the time of this announcement, Javier Soltero, VP and GM, Google Workspace said, “Collaboration doesn’t stop at the workplace — our products have been optimized for broad participation, sharing and helpfulness since the beginning.”

Javier added, “Our focus is on delivering consumers, workers, teachers and students alike an equitable approach to collaboration, while still providing flexibility that allows these different subsets of users to take their own approach to communication and collaboration.”

Experience the All-New Google Workspace with Single Sign-in Platform

Google had launched the Google Workspace in October 2020. From today, this platform will be available to general users as well. By making this announcement, Google will build upon its vision to deliver a single, integrated communication and collaboration solution to everyone via Google Workspace

Google currently has over 3 billion+ users across industries and regions. A majority of them are consumers, enterprises, education centers and NGOs. All of them would enjoy access to the full-blown  Google Workspace experience.

These include Gmail, Chat, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Meet and more.

In addition to offering Google Workspace to everyone, the company announced new innovations that address the specific challenges and opportunities of the hybrid work world:

  1. The evolution of Rooms in Google Chat to Spaces
  2. A new individual subscription offer: Google Workspace Individual
  3. New enhancements to Google Meet that enable collaboration equity
  4. New security and privacy capabilities across Google Workspace

Google Workspace Provides Access to Best of Breed Collaboration Tools and Information

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“Ensuring that workers have access to best-of-breed collaboration tools and information, regardless of location, is a top priority for every company, especially as they navigate a return to the physical office,” said Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy.

Patrick added, “With this update, Google Workspace is creating a new competitive advantage by optimizing for a single, connected experience across its products that it is extending to consumers and individual business owners, to align with the experience that its enterprise and education subscribers benefit from today.”

Google Workspace for everyone

Every day, the world’s most innovative companies, schools and nonprofits use Google Workspace to transform how people work and achieve more together. It’s a daily part of how leading healthcare providers revolutionize patient care, schools turn remote learning into an immersive, personalized experience, and aerospace companies rethink flight. Starting today, Google Workspace is available to anyone with a Google account, meaning friends, family, or groups of any kind can stay connected, work together, and share helpful information in a single space. For example, you can organize a junior sports league with ease, take that fundraiser to the next level, or even turn a hobby into a business.

GIF of appointment booking page in Calendar

Google Chat to Connect with People in Real-time with Relevant Content

Starting today, users can enable the integrated experience in Google Workspace by turning on Google Chat in Gmail.

A new place to bring projects to life by connecting the right content, people, and conversations in new and powerful ways.

Spaces for Google Chat

With the introduction of Spaces, the Rooms experience in Google Chat will evolve into a dedicated place for organizing people, topics, and projects in Google Workspace. Over the summer, Google will evolve Rooms to become Spaces and launch a streamlined and flexible user interface that helps teams and individuals stay on top of everything that’s important.

Powered by new features like in-line topic threading, presence indicators, custom statuses, expressive reactions, and a collapsible view, Spaces will seamlessly integrate with files and tasks, becoming a new home in Google Workspace for getting more done–together. Spaces will also provide a place to fuel knowledge sharing and community building for teams of all sizes, where all the relevant information, conversations, and files for a project can be organized, and where topics—even at the organization level—can be intelligently moderated. With the ability to pin messages where everyone can see them, Spaces will play a crucial role in helping people stay connected and informed.

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Google Workspace Individual

This is a new individual subscription model for individual users. 

Google is also launching Workspace Individual, a powerful, easy-to-use solution that was built to help individual business owners grow, run, and protect their business. This new subscription offering provides premium capabilities, including smart booking services, professional video meetings and personalized email marketing, with much more on the way. Within their existing Google account, subscribers can easily manage all their personal and professional commitments from one place with access to Google support to get the most out of their solution.

Workspace Individual is rolling out soon to six markets, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Brazil and Japan. Sign up to receive updates on Google Workspace Individual.

Work Anywhere, Anytime with Secured Collaboration Spaces on Google Workspace

As businesses move to a hybrid work environment, the importance of creating secure collaboration spaces and fostering human connection has never been more important. Because, this platform was designed to fuel anywhere, anytime collaboration, it’s now helping millions of organizations navigate the challenges and opportunities of the newly emerging work model.

Customers are using Workspace to rethink virtual meetings, provide people with modern tools to stay connected and manage their time and attention, and double down on security and privacy. In countless ways, according to Google, Workspace was built for this moment.

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