TimeSaved Partners With Agilus Work Solutions to Get Canadians Back to Work

Business and workers have both suffered as workplaces across the country grapple with how to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic. And with labour needs constantly fluctuating as a result of changing restrictions, businesses need new kinds of support to meet their labour demands. Staffing agencies like Agilus will play an integral part in reviving the Canadian workforce, and in order to do so they are seeking out technology that helps them be flexible, move quickly, and build worker trust.

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“Employers and employees rely on Agilus every day to connect them and lead a forward-thinking work community. The need for flexibility with employers and talent is more important than ever as we navigate the uncertainty of the pandemic. Employers and candidates look to us for better outcomes and this partnership with TimeSaved offers employers a streamlined platform for quick access to the available talent market and to manage their workforce in real time.”
Craig Brown, CEO – Agilus Work Solutions

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TimeSaved’s technology helps staffing agencies leverage an on-demand labour model to address these challenges. It gives agencies the ability to rapidly onboard new workers, complete the job invite process in minutes, and communicate easily at scale. TimeSaved also has built-in COVID-19 screening functionality that will be crucial to safe worksite deployment.

“We’ve seen this technology used successfully by agencies in the US who needed to pivot quickly to solve complex and dynamic staffing demands. We’re excited to partner with Agilus to bring that home to Canada.”

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