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Recruiter.com Delivers Rapid Recruiting Results For Leading Call Center

Recruiter.com Group, Inc. (OTCQB: RCRT), an AI-enabled hiring platform with the world’s largest network of recruiters, today announced the successful delivery of an innovative recruiting program for a leading call center client.

The client, which is based in Dallas, TX, and serves the telecommunications industry, needed to expand its workforce to deliver service to a major telecom provider. However, COVID-19 meant its traditional approach to ramping up — bringing more people into a central office — was no longer feasible. Recruiter.com helped shape an effective recruitment strategy for this new economic landscape and delivered rapid results.

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“Recruiter.com continues to prove its ability to recruit talent faster for a wide variety of clients and scenarios,” said Evan Sohn, Recruiter.com’s CEO and chairman. “We connected 16 people with great job opportunities within about a week, demonstrating our ability to execute in new markets and skills. Our client secured an immediate pipeline of on-demand talent in a challenging remote-only environment. We look forward to continuing our program across multiple cities, with the overall goal for this particular project of hiring 500 people by Q1 of 2021.”

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After analyzing talent availability data, Recruiter.com targeted a handful of specific metropolitan areas and adopted a hybrid approach to building a talent pool: recruiting remotely but in concentrated geographical clusters. This allowed the client to recognize the benefits of remote work, including the expansion of its talent pool, while maintaining the advantages of local employees. Building teams in specific cities enables the client to cultivate local company culture, deliver equipment and infrastructure efficiently, and support meaningful training and engagement with ease. Focusing on a particular location also allows the client to become a community presence — to establish itself as an invested partner and build its reputation as a desired employer in the area.

Tyler, Texas, was selected as the first target city due to its rich talent pool, advantageous location, and living cost. Once Tyler was designated as the starting location, Recruiter.com tapped into its network of 27,000 recruiters to identify a core group of about a dozen recruiters local to the Tyler area. These recruiters were able to use their talent networks to source candidates, resulting in 16 placements in a matter of eight days.

“What we care about is helping people get back to work and our ability to deliver on that quickly,” said Sohn. “Recruiter.com celebrates each client’s success as having connected people with great job opportunities. We appreciate being a part of the great re-hiring story this year and next, as our economy reopens, recovers, and moves forward.”

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