Health Carousel Approved as a Certified Ethical Recruitment Firm in the Recruitment of Foreign-Educated Healthcare Professionals

Health Carousel, LLC and the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices, a division of CGFNS International, Inc., are pleased to announce that Health Carousel has been approved as a Certified Ethical Recruitment Firm in the recruitment of foreign-educated health professionals.

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The Alliance certification process includes a review of contract practices, discussions with references, and surveys and interviews of health professionals that have worked with Health Carousel to demonstrate the firm’s commitment to ethical, responsible, and transparent recruitment practices as defined by the Alliance’s Health Care Code for Ethical International Recruitment Practices. The Code was developed by a multi-stakeholder Board of Governors that includes representatives from unions, employers, nurse representative organizations, and recruiters. As a Certified Ethical Firm, Health Carousel commits to continual education of the health professionals it recruits and oversight by the Alliance.

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Health Carousel is an Ohio-based healthcare staffing and workforce solutions firm that works with both U.S. and foreign-educated healthcare professionals. They provide short-term staffing as well as long-term workforce development, placing qualified physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals on assignments at healthcare facilities in the United States.

Health Carousel’s certification follows a July 6th announcement by CGFNS and the Philippine Nurses Association of America that strengthens the organizations’ collaboration in ensuring the use of Alliance-certified recruiters.

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