Avitecture Aids Company’s Reopening with Contactless Temperature Scanners

As responses to the COVID-19 pandemic evolve, Avitecture® provided a smart, simple, and safe solution to help manage the return of employees and visitors to one of America’s largest corporations at its McLean, Virginia headquarters.

VirginiaMaryland, and the District of Columbia are entering new phases of reopening and people want protection against a second wave of the coronavirus.

Contactless facial scanners, placed at entry ways, that scan temperatures within a +/- 0.9 Fahrenheit of accuracy can help any public space reopen with greater safety.

These devices can be placed on a desk, mounted directly to a wall, and can operate from a stand-alone pole mount. An employee, student, or patron stands within one and a half to three feet from the scanner, and in less than a second, the scanner will issue admittance or sound an alert for anyone entering a facility with a fever. As an added measure of safety, these scanners can deny entry to anyone not wearing a mask.

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“These scanners are a great help to businesses and are a major benefit to reopening schools, restaurants, government facilities, gyms, and event spaces,” said Bruce Pittman, Avitecture’s vice-president of Sales and Marketing.

Avitecture provided these scanners to this employer of thousands which placed the scanners at various security stations to monitor the inflow of both visitors and employees as the first line of defense. If someone is flagged with a high temperature, a secondary scan will be performed by security person. If the fever is confirmed, that person will be either denied entry or sent to a wellness center.

The company is using these devices simply as a pass or fail for high temperature and mandatory mask detection. These devices can be integrated with a facility’s network and using AI, incorporate facial recognition. A priority is getting these scanners in place as soon as possible.

With contactless facial scanners, Avitecture helped the company reopen with greater safety. Contactless facial scanners provide additional protection for people entering and working in a facility.

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