New Survey Reveals Only 17% of Employees Give Their Company an Exceptional Employee Experience Rating

$8.15B wasted in lost productivity as employees tackle mundane HR-related tasks; 1 in 4 employees also say they have to hide parts of who they are in order to fit in at work

A new survey issued by Topia, an HR tech company specializing in Global Talent Mobility and managing distributed workforces, reveals that many organizations are coming up short on delivering the culture, engagement and experience modern employees expect, putting those companies at risk of losing out on the best talent. The deficit means employers must focus on delivering a better employee experience, which must go beyond office perks.

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According to “Adapt or Lose the War for Talent: Why Your Employee Experience Needs an Upgrade,” conducted by Method Research on behalf of Topia, only 17% of employees give their company an exceptional rating for employee experience. And, non-HR employees are twice as likely to rate their company poorly compared to those on the HR team, suggesting a considerable disconnect in perceived employee experience versus reality. That disconnect means employers aren’t delivering an experience that aligns with employees’ priorities and motivations as well as they think they are.

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Diversity & Inclusion: A Mismatch Between Expectation and Reality

Virtually everyone agrees that diversity and inclusion are an important part of company culture when it comes to driving innovation and creativity. Yet employees still report feeling uncomfortable bringing their authentic selves to work, fearing if managers and colleagues knew the truth about them, it could hinder their career growth.

  • 1 in 4 employees feel that if their manager or colleagues knew their political beliefs, it would limit their career potential. The concern is even greater among HR, with 44% who say they feel the need to keep their personal beliefs private.
  • Over 40% of employees age 18-38 say companies should actually prioritize diversity over experience and capabilities when it comes to making hiring decisions.
  • 1 in 4 employees also say they have to hide parts of who they are in order to fit in at work.

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