BackPac Launches Out of Stealth to Reinvent DEIB with Unified Platform that Provides Unparalleled Support for Programming, Inclusion Training, and Social Impact Management


Platform offers HR teams a way to craft purpose-driven programs and track progress

BackPac publicly launched its innovative platform that reinvents how companies deliver on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) initiatives. BackPac not only helps companies identify DEI issues but provides the tools to track and deliver on the social impact they seek.

A recent PwC survey found that 75% of organizations say that diversity and inclusion programs are a value or priority to the company, but just 4% of organizations are succeeding at the key components of a successful D&I program. These initiatives fail because the responsibility generally relies solely on one DEIB leader within the organization. BackPac extends the reach of the DEIB leader by acting as the company’s DEIB team so companies can successfully execute their DEIB initiatives.

BackPac helps HR leaders report progress on DEIB initiatives to investors, executives, and other stakeholders, as well as improve employee satisfaction scores for women and other minority groups. The company also helps attract top talent and differentiate from the competition through DEI and social impact programs. DEI initiatives are an increasingly important tool for HR executives looking to hire with nearly three-quarters stating that it’s important to work for an organization that values DE&I according to a United Minds survey.

Unlike other solutions on the market, the BackPac platform brings DEIB programming, training, and management together into one cohesive solution:

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  • DEIB Programming – Provides tools for planning and organizing DEIB calendars, celebrating cultures, and gathering performance metrics on campaigns to report on DEI initiatives and refine strategies.
  • Inclusion Training – Offers education on practical inclusion practices that employees can use in their daily life, supported with action items associated with each concept at the conclusion of training.
  • Social Impact Program Management – Combines donation and volunteer management to cohesively support giving and matching programs, managing tax receipts and direct payroll deductions, organizing annual volunteer days, and tracking and reporting on volunteer programs.
  • Employee Resource Group (ERG) Management – Provides tools to reduce operational tasks for ERG leaders, with a dedicated landing page for employees to engage with ERG. Also enables tracking and reporting on ERG outcomes and integrating efforts for giving and volunteering for specific ERG groups.

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“While companies today appear to be putting more of a focus on DEI, most are simply going through the motions and not holding themselves accountable for truly executing on the initiatives,” said Brenda Pak, BackPac co-founder and CEO. “With BackPac, we hope to equip leaders with the tools they need to drive both business results and build a purpose-driven organization – one that fosters employee cultural health and can make a difference in their neighborhoods, cities, or even global causes.”

Leading mission-driven companies, such as Allbirds and Brooklyn Bedding/Helix Sleep, have adopted BackPac to support their wide-ranging DEIB initiatives.

“We have a vibrant, dynamic workforce and knew we wanted to help foster a strong culture of inclusivity with initiatives that would have local and global impact,” said Evan Salisbury, Director of People Operations at Allbirds. “We needed a partner that would help us design and measure the effectiveness of these efforts and BackPac is proving to be the ideal teammate.”

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