CodeSignal and ColorStack Announce New Partnership to Increase the Number of Black and Latinx Developers in Tech

CodeSignal, a technical interview and assessment platform, announced its new partnership with ColorStack, a tech nonprofit focused on supporting the success of Black and Latinx Computer Science majors in the US.

Throughout the partnership, CodeSignal will provide dedicated resources to support ColorStack and help the nonprofit advance its mission. The partnership includes:

  • Mentorship and technical interview preparation activities for Black and Latinx Computer Science students.
  • Preparation resources and practice assessments for active ColorStack members. Students will use CodeSignal as a tool to help hone their coding and interview preparation skills.
  • Co-hosted webinars and events to help technical recruiters and university recruiters hire and retain more Black and Latinx developers.
  • Research on CodeSignal assessments based on student feedback and performance that will help increase assessment fairness and validity.

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“Our mission at CodeSignal is to help companies go beyond resumes by reducing bias in their hiring and helping level the playing field, so they can truly assess candidates’ skills,” said Tigran Sloyan, CodeSignal CEO and Co-founder. “We are proud to partner with ColorStack to support their work in providing equal opportunity for underrepresented Computer Science students and new grad developers.”

“Many graduates and early career candidates in the Black and Latinx community are entering the job market with tremendous skills, but they have not had access to the interview prep resources that some of their peers have,” said Jehron Petty, CEO and Founder of ColorStack. “We chose CodeSignal as our premier partner because we want to prepare our members for technical interviews and assessments on the industry’s platform of choice.”

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A fairer and less biased hiring process not only helps developers from underrepresented groups gain access to lucrative software engineering jobs—it also makes for more diverse workplaces. Recent studies published in Forbes and MarketWatch find that diverse workplaces generate more revenue and are more profitable than non-diverse workplaces. To help build more diverse engineering teams, CodeSignal and ColorStack work to change hiring to be more inclusive while, at the same time, preparing underrepresented students to succeed in a software engineering career.

Through this partnership, both Petty and Sloyan aspire to help underrepresented early-career developers prepare for and find rewarding careers in software engineering, as well as to reduce bias in the industry’s hiring practices.

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