Survey Finds Nearly 40% Of Currently Employed Women Are Seeking New Jobs

  • The study indicates that most women prefer employers that prioritize equal pay and family leave policies, the premier resource for free and professional resume templates, has published a recent survey report that examines women in the job market and their top priorities when looking for new employment opportunities. This report also highlights women’s perspectives on equal pay, family leave, and more. The study generated responses from 1,250 American women 25 or older who are currently employed or unemployed but actively looking for new jobs.

According to the survey, 86 percent of the women from this study are currently employed, and 37 percent of them are actively looking for new jobs. The primary reason working women are seeking new jobs is a higher salary. Sixty-three percent of female job-hunters will leave their current positions because they want to earn more money. In contrast, 53 percent of employed women, who are not job-hunting, say they are satisfied with their current salary and position.

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Data results show that a bigger paycheck is not the only thing jobseekers are looking for in their next role. Many women want to be paid equally as male coworkers, and 85 percent of respondents say it is very important that they earn the same pay as men in the same position. Seventy-one percent of respondents say they would only accept a job if the employer offered them a salary equal to a male in the same role. Conversely, 22 percent of women job-hunters would accept an offer regardless of pay inequality.

“Women have realized there are new opportunities as more and more employers are hearing what women want, which includes equal pay and benefits that directly affect their day-to-day lives,” career counselor and executive recruiter Stacie Haller says. “With the current focus on attracting and retaining talent, women have more flexibility and options than ever before.”

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Women are also considering benefits and leave policies when evaluating employment opportunities. Forty-two percent of survey respondents say that a company’s maternity or family leave policies are very important, and 33 percent of women say it is somewhat important. Millennial women in particular are prioritizing these policies, with 90 percent reporting that maternity and family leave is very or somewhat important. Only 16 percent of women 55 and older believe that family and maternity leave is important. Survey respondents also cite that the most important benefits under these policies are flexible time off, health insurance for dependents, remote work opportunities, paid maternity leave, and onsite childcare.

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