NurseFly Acquired by IAC; Will Further Boost Travel Nursing Job Market Nationally

Will join the likes of Bluecrew

NurseFly, a leading marketplace targeting the $17 billion temporary healthcare staffing industry, announced that IAC had acquired the company. NurseFly will be a part of IAC’s Emerging & Other segments. The same segment also houses the on-demand staffing platform Bluecrew.

Helps Travel Healthcare Professionals with Their Job Search

NurseFly was founded in 2017 and its platform cumulates the largest index of real-time travel nursing jobs across the country. It offers travel healthcare professionals with utmost transparency in their job search endeavors. There are over 30,000 open nursing jobs available nationwide. Nurses can use NurseFly platform to browse and compare those jobs and also view detailed compensation information from different recruiting agencies and locations. Above all, all these features are free which nurses can access through the website or mobile app of NurseFly.

On the other hand, Nursefly helps staffing agencies with their recruitment goals too. They can make hiring decisions easily and much faster. Furthermore, it is cost-effective. NurseFly platform provides recruiters with a highly-qualified pool of talented professionals looking out for jobs. Detailed profiles include certifications, references, skills checklists, and previous work history. A number of tools and chat features allow for easy communication between the hiring managers and job-seekers. On average, the NurseFly hiring platform increases the productivity of the hiring agencies by 300-500%.

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Transforming and Modernizing How the Travel Healthcare Professionals Connect with Work

Parth Bhakta, Co-Founder, and CEO, NurseFly said, “Until now, travel nursing has been an entirely offline and deliberately opaque industry where sometimes the only way to discover your next assignment is to wait by the phone. Figuring out what that contract pays is also a grueling process – much like consumer travel in the 1990s.”

Parth went on to add that they built NurseFly to transform and modernize how the travel healthcare professionals connected with work. The company’s vision is to bring transparency to the travel nursing market in order to connect more qualified professionals to more employment opportunities. He stated that this further helps more patients gain access to top-quality care. He expressed thrill at the acquisition by IAC.