HackerRank Adds New Features to CodePair for More Efficient Technical Interviewing

A connected interview experience from initial screening to technical interview stages

The technical hiring platform HackerRank revealed the addition of some new features to its CodePair solution. As a result, HackerRank customers would be able to conduct more effective technical interviews. CodePair is a leading live technical interview solution and the only enterprise-level solution available for this purpose. It allows companies to conduct effective coding interviews anywhere, anytime, in an interactive, real-world coding environment. This is the reason over 1500 companies across various industries take help of HackerRank’s automated skills assessments to assess and employ technical talent.

Integrations to Approval Workflows, ATS, and Much More!

At the present moment, many companies conduct technical interviews with the aid of a combination of collaboration documents, whiteboards, and video conferencing. Some firms even put together ad-hoc tools. Now, these tools present security risks, compliance issues, and standardization problems because those were not designed specifically for the purpose. Also, it becomes difficult for the candidates to showcase their skills efficiently and for the hiring managers to assess them.

The newly added features will further enhance the candidate experience without any additional burden on the interviewer. Atlassian and Booking.com are the most renowned customers of CodePair that would make use of the platform to carry out even more effective interviews. The platform with improved capabilities is available for all customers immediately.

CodePair’s pair programming platform has outstanding enterprise capabilities such as integrations to approval workflows, applicant tracking systems, and secure access controls. It allows hiring teams to conduct better remote or onsite technical interviews and better assess the skills of the candidates. This also improves the conversion rate and quality of candidates hired. Not only this, but CodePair also helps companies in standardizing interview process across their geographies.

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Hackerrank Codepair New Features:

  1. Integration of the CodeScreen and CodePair solutions
  2. Redesigned user interface
  3. REPL (read-eval-print-loop) support.

Vivek Ravisankar, co-founder and CEO of HackerRank said, “In today’s tight labor market, there is a massive opportunity for companies to improve the recruiting process for their hiring managers and potential candidates. Many companies haven’t changed the way they hire software developers in years.” He further clarified that CodePair helps enterprises make better insight-driven hiring decisions based on skill, and improves candidate experience at the same time.