Cognician Launches New Information Security Activation Program

In response to the growing threat of global cyberattacks, Cognician launched a new, ready-to-go information security activation program. Called the Security Maturity Quest, the program aims to activate a cybersecurity mindset in employees, who are often the weak link in the security chain.

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“For years we’ve been creating customized behavioral activation programs for our global client base. We’re thrilled to be able to bring the same award-winning methodology to a much wider range of clients, in areas like cybersecurity,” says Barry Kayton, co-founder of Cognician, an employee activation platform. “We’re excited about helping clients and their teams to instantly remove thousands of points of vulnerability, making them more protected in the face of growing security threats.”

Cognician’s chat-based, interactive interface is user-friendly, fun, and visually stimulating. Its methodology guides employees to adopt new ways of thinking and acting. The Security Maturity Quest takes employees through a series of 21 challenges and reflections. The challenges increase maturity in seven distinct areas: cybersecurity awareness, email security, internet security, mobile security, confidence security, identity security, and physical security. Employees put security behaviors into practice immediately, thereby raising awareness and simultaneously reducing organizational vulnerabilities from the get-go.

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Says Patrick Kayton, co-founder of Cognician, “The average cost of a data breach in 2020 was $3.8m. That’s a lot of pain points for organizations. The reality is that we can no longer be complacent about information security. And organizations cannot assume that their employees know enough to prevent these attacks. Only through knowledge, practice, reflection, and effective coaching can workers become a business’s best defense.”

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