Unique Free Wellness Tool to Engage and Support Employees at Work: Introducing The Grokker C.A.R.E. Package

The challenge of hiring and retaining workers is the number one business issue facing leaders today. Employees are struggling with fatigue, burnout, chronic illness, and unprecedented levels of stress with 74% of employees concerned about at least one aspect of their wellbeing and 32% craving help with work-life balance and physical wellbeing.

Grokker is the innovative well-being engine that powers life-changing results at global enterprises including CVSHealth, Target, Dominos, Delta Airlines, Pfizer, and GE. Today, Grokker is unveiling a fresh approach that takes aim at building a groundbreaking foundation for leaders to navigate these challenging times. This new guided, individualized program combines best-in-class fitness, financial, nutritional, and mental health content with community to support employees to become their best selves. Introducing The Grokker Employee C.A.R.E. Package, FREE for a limited time, this 30 day program empowers corporate leaders and H.R. teams to directly engage, motivate and reward employees with a customized program to drive much needed connection through wellbeing and show they care.

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We’re offering this program for free because employees are voting with their feet and the stakes are too high.

How it works:

Connect employees with their company, leaders, and one another, providing a sense of community and validation that lets them know they are not alone.

Assess employee needs and provide insights into how they’re coping physically and mentally with the challenges of today’s world.

Recommend timely, specific actions that are simple, easy-to-follow, and personalized to each employee’s age, capabilities, goals, and location.

Empower employees with actionable insights, tools, and reporting to improve their health and happiness as part of a connected community.

“We’re offering this program for free because employees are voting with their feet and the stakes are too high. Leaders need help to show that their employees’ wellbeing is of utmost importance. Grokker’s C.A.R.E. Package offers critical resources to do just that by giving managers valuable insights into how employees are feeling and action plans to address what they truly need most from their leaders now.”

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Upon registration, employees are provided with a personal assessment that gives insights into individual health/wellbeing areas that need support, and then immediate access to Grokker’s whole-person wellbeing engagement resources. As an inclusive journey, employees are able to connect with colleagues and foster an environment of collaboration.

Leaders benefit from a fully secure, turnkey program that includes insights into employees’ state of mind through Employee Wellbeing Index survey results and ongoing reporting with actionable recommendations, as well as a complete Communications Toolkit. The ongoing analysis of employees’ sentiments positions leaders for future open discussions and solutions and at the completion of 30 days a free 20-minute consultation with a Grokker Team Motivation Coach.

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