Betterworks Launches Team Edition for SMBs

Brings the Power of OKRs and Check-In Conversations to Developing Businesses and Individual Teams

Betterworks, the leading enterprise HR software for Continuous Performance Management, recently released Team Edition. This newly-introduced product aims to serve the needs of individual enterprise teams and small & medium scale establishments. It will increase alignment, accountability and team performance.

In order to constantly improve performance, agile organizations depend on the aptitude of their employees to recognize, react, and adapt to changes in the environment. Able operational leaders understand that their company’s performance management process fuels ongoing motivation and employee engagement. The latest offering from Betterworks – Team Edition brings the most recent advances in performance management technology and practices to organizations. This feature wasn’t been accessible to them earlier.

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Anup Yanamandra, chief product officer at Betterworks said “A continuous process of transparent OKRs coupled with ongoing conversations between employees and managers for alignment and coaching can be transformational for any organization. However, for smaller teams and growing organizations, the right technology to support these processes was often out of reach.” He added that the Team Edition was a streamlined, self-service solution that gave smaller businesses and teams access to the technology and services they needed to succeed. This included live group and on-demand support for program design and team roll-outs.

Team Edition allows a team of up to 100 professionals to effectively set aspirational goals in the form of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Additionally, it also tracks their performances transparently. Furthermore, it also ensures ongoing skill development and performance improvement by facilitating continuous conversations between employees and managers.

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Features of Betterworks Team Edition:

1. Goal/OKR Setting and Alignment
2. Regular Conversations for Alignment and Real-time Course Corrections
3. Self-service Support and In-product Guides

CEO at Betterworks, Doug Dennerline said, “Our objective for Team Edition is to allow smaller and growing companies to experience the benefits of OKRs and continuous conversations in a way that is successful and cost-effective for them.” He also mentioned that those processes required dedicated technology to support them and that the company was excited to expand its offerings. In this way, Betterworks is supporting the success of organizations and teams of every size.

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