Semos Cloud Announces SMS Recognition, the Newest Addition to the Most Inclusive Recognition Platform JobPts + More News with JobPts, Nurture and Skills Platforms

Semos Cloud announces product innovation for three of its solutions: JobPts – Culture & Recognition, Nurture – Employee Communication and Skills – Skills & Growth.

SMS Recognition & Communication increases reach to deskless employees

JobPts, Semos Cloud’s flagship solution for Recognition and Rewards, is now enriched with the next generation of deskless recognition practices, SMS Recognition. With this product innovation, company-wide recognition programs can now reach all your employees via SMS, regardless of their work location.

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Further serving the goals of inclusion of the entirety of an organization’s workforce, Semos Cloud’s platform for employee communications, Nurture, gains a new capability; Instant communications via SMS. Instant communications allows communicators to send urgent messages to employees no matter where they worked, keeping employees aligned, agile and included.

With recognition messages and employee communications now sent to employees’ cell phones, Semos Cloud serves employees with an unparalleled employee experience, increasing employee belonging, purpose, engagement and reducing attrition.

What Else is New?

Additionally, Semos Cloud reveals further product updates for its flagship solution for Recognition and Rewards, JobPts, including an expanded Rewards Catalog, a new designated Celebrations Page and a brand new built-in Recognition Calendar.

Nurture gets a Total Rewards portal, featuring an overview of employees’ Total Rewards benefits including compensation, benefits, pension, healthcare & insurance. The TR portal helps employees see the total worth of the employee value proposition, and companies can use it to communicate any changes in the company rewards policy, or launch their DEI initiatives, such as their pay equity strategy.

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Skills, the first Talent Intelligence solution built on the SAP Business Technology Platform, for identifying, reporting and running a skills strategy for companies unleashes its powerful AI model for detecting soft and hard skills, enabling organizations to navigate the skills set of their workforce and plan for the future by making informed decisions about talent development and career advancement.

“The new JobPts, Nurture and Skills updates are a testament to continuous innovation efforts by Semos Cloud professionals. SMS Recognition simplifies recognition practices to include all employees regardless of their place of work, maximizing the reach and impact of recognition programs across the workforce. And we’re the first ones to do it this way. We’re certain that SMS Recognition will serve our clients well because we’ve designed this product with the agenda most clients with deskless workforce face: how to engage and retain our top talent.” – Ivana Boshkovska, JobPts Product Owner at Semos Cloud.

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