McKinsey Bolsters Investment in Digital Capability Center in Atlanta

McKinsey & Company formally relaunched their expanded innovation and learning center, the Digital Capability Center Atlanta, a state of the art facility that provides companies the inspiration, knowledge, and skills to adopt next generation digital technologies.

At the Digital Capability Center Atlanta, organizations’ leaders and frontline workers can experience and see firsthand how digital technologies work in practice to increase productivity and develop the skills critical to transform American manufacturing and its workforce.

“As we approach the 45th anniversary of our Atlanta office, the city of Atlanta and the state of Georgia have flourished over that time, and McKinsey is honored to be part of the community. We see an exciting path forward with this investment and it’s a testament to Atlanta being the economic incubator of the region, attracting businesses, investment, and top diverse tech talent,” said Steve Reis, Managing Partner of McKinsey’s Atlanta office.

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Through immersive learning programs tailored to the needs of a specific company, the Digital Capability Center Atlanta enables organizations to sustain their transformation with new workforce capabilities using the latest advanced technologies, data, and analytics solutions in hyper-realistic simulations.

“We know digital and analytics capabilities will enable organizations to better meet the needs of their customers, deliver higher profitability, attract and retain workers, and reach their sustainability commitments. However, many companies have yet to scale their technology trials to realize the benefits of their investments,” said Mike DohenyAtlanta-based senior partner with McKinsey & Company.  “In operations, a key reason technology results in impact is when people are able to make different decisions and work more productively, often in tailored environments. That’s why McKinsey has made a significant investment to create a state-of-the-art facility where clients experience the technology firsthand and understand the full set of requirements to achieve meaningful and sustainable impact.”

The Digital Capability Center brings McKinsey’s deep expertise in transforming manufacturing, planning, and logistics through advanced analytics, digital process adoption, and physical automation, to Atlanta, a burgeoning technology hub. It features a fully operational shop floor, including tea brewing and refrigerator compressor lines, a mock warehouse, and procurement and sales functions. The space is outfitted to meet each organization wherever they are in their transformation journey, with multiple environments to simulate different types of factories, lines, offices and new ways of working.

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Participants in the workshops can expect to experience:

Inspiration to implementation and impact: The innovative facility enables leaders to be immersed in tech-enabled environments and experiment with advanced technologies, data, and analytics solutions from an ecosystem of providers and focus on reimagining operations functions within and beyond the four walls of a manufacturing facility, deploying digital capabilities, and scaling the new way of work across the workforce.

Immersive learning: Leaders from companies of all sizes can participate in single and multi-day workshops designed to build awareness of tech-enabled operations. Managers and operators can take advantage of learning programs to develop the confidence, skills, and mindsets for a transformation that sticks, powered by a new continuous improvement approach..

The Digital Capability Center Atlanta mock manufacturing? lines transform in stages from a current, non-digitized line into a higher-performing, digitally-enabled production line of the future that includes advanced analytics, augmented reality, and digital assistance for the operators.

The Digital Capability Center Atlanta is part of McKinsey’s global network spanning 12 locations across EuropeNorth AmericaLatin America and Asia. The global network supports over 450 organizations each year, with an average of 13,000 participants. In addition to the 250 McKinsey experts involved in this global network, the Digital Capability Center network also has partnerships with 150+ tech companies and startups.

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