Wonolo Offers Emergency and Flex Time Off Benefits to Gig Workers in Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Wonolo, the leading platform disrupting the temporary staffing industry, announced that it is taking immediate action to help workers who use Wonolo respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19):

  1. Expanding its Flex Time Off (FTO) program to all workers retroactively. This will preclude workers, sick or otherwise, from having to face deciding whether to earn a paycheck or go to the doctor
  2. Pay workers for up to 14 days of quarantine
  3. Excusing late withdrawals for sick workers

“We’re doing this because, as part of our daily conversations with the workers who use our platform, we constantly hear Wonolo is often a lifeline for them and their families; the coronavirus threatens that lifeline and we want to do our part to help them manage this scary and uncertain time,” said Yong Kim, cofounder and CEO of Wonolo.

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Expanding Paid Flex Time Off

Before diagnoses of the coronavirus were confirmed in the U.S., Wonolo announced a new set of perks and portable benefits so workers would have the opportunity to take time off, to go on vacation, or to manage a last-minute emergency without worrying about lost earnings.

That program was initially only available to select workers, but Wonolo is now making it available to every worker who uses Wonolo. This will preclude workers, sick or otherwise, from having to face deciding whether to earn a paycheck or go to the doctor.

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Paying Quarantined Workers

The number of people being quarantined is growing and likely will continue to grow in the weeks ahead. So Wonolo will be paying workers for up to 14 days of quarantine. Workers who use the  platform get paid by the hour so the amount they’ll be paid will be proportional to the amount of work they do on Wonolo.

Excusing Late Withdrawals

Under Wonolo’s normal policy, workers who withdraw from a job 12 hours before they’re expected to work may be restricted from accessing work in the future.

In order to protect the Wonolo community and make sure people do not show up to work feeling sick, Wonolo will excuse late withdrawals for illnesses–including taking care of a direct family member.

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